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    Kotlin comparison

    Reduced project timelines

    When JetBrains invented Kotlin they wanted to create a language better than Java in every possible way. Java is verbose and requires many lines of code to implement even the simplest thing like "hello world." Kotlin is a concise language. It’s around 20% much lesser coding in comparison to Java. Kotlin reduces a lot of the boilerplate code that developers must write every day. Less code leads to better productivity, faster app development, and fewer developer hours you need to pay for.

    app crush

    Fewer app crashes

    Writing longer code can always result in more errors and bugs. And crashes always result in users ditching the app for good. Bugs are normal in programming. They can be fixed if caught early. With Kotlin, however, any developer has a chance to write a crash-prone Android app. And not only because Kotlin has better syntax. The JetBrains team solved the Null Pointer Exception problem, the biggest pain of Java developers. It caused more than 70% of app crashes in its lifetime.

    Kotlin interoperable

    100% interoperable with Java

    Because Kotlin can run on JVM, its byte code is equivalent to the byte code generated by Java compiler. Whenever two-byte code files run on JVM, they can communicate with each other. This makes Kotlin 100% interoperable with Java. We can use all existing Java libraries and frameworks to build a Kotlin app. And most importantly, we can use both the Java and Kotlin languages in a single project. If you have an Android app written in Java, we can start adding new features to it using Kotlin.

    • Safe

      Kotlin averts the common programming mistakes leading to fewer crashes.

    • Fast to build

      We write Android apps 20% faster in Kotlin than we do in Java.

    • Easy to maintain

      Because Kotlin is more readable and fast to write, maintaining the app becomes easy.

    • Designed to fail fast

      A fail-fast system sends an immediate report about any issue in coding that might lead to failure.

    • Great user experience

      Fewer crashes and system failures result in a better user experience.

    • Top Android apps

      60% of the top 1000 Android apps on the Google Play Store now use Kotlin.

    • Kotlin app development

      Secure, fast, scalable, intuitive – create a perfect Android app using native app development technologies. By doing it right in the first go we save a lot of money and time in the long run.

    • Native app development

      You can have both languages within the same project. When we migrate your Java app to Kotlin, we do it iteratively so your application remains stable throughout the migration process.

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