Mobile app development

When the first iPhone was born we knew mobile was going to become everybody's obsession. As mobile app developers we spend at least 10 hours a day on smartphones: building code, testing code, know...playing some Candy Crush.

Project planning

We reduce risks with a thorough project development strategy. The outputs of this phase include the project requirements, the project schedule, and the precise scope and cost estimations.

iOS app development

We started as an iOS only app development shop. Building iPhone and iPad apps is still our biggest passion. Our Swift code is easy to understand and cheap to maintain.

Android app development

We build powerful and well-performing apps for the world’s most popular operating system. Your Android app will be responsive, and use as little battery as possible on all the devices required.

App development for wearables

Wearable platforms extend your business in many different ways. From Garmin and Fitbit wristbands to chest sensors to Apple Watch and Wear OS. We can help you build apps that work with wearables.

Development for IoT

We build highly secure embedded systems for smart home, healthcare, retail, and other industries. We can connect data from a variety of sensors and drive context-aware actions in real-time.

Mobile backend development

We organize the logic of the system so that it can run properly and can be maintained. Our APIs are developer-friendly. Any other developer can easily make their own application based on our services.

Quality assurance

Our goal is to make sure your users can complete their goals quickly and easily. We test software through both automated and manual testing, and use effective approaches to make quality products.


You can rely on us to support and maintain your product after the first release. Together we can plan new releases, run A/B tests, find technical bottlenecks, and improve your app until it becomes perfect.