Code refactoring, support services, and new functionality development for existing mobile projects.


  • Who is this for?

    Entrepreneurs with existing mobile apps who need to make changes to the internal structure of their software. The purpose of these changes might be adding new functionality, fixing problems or making the code easier to understand and cheaper to modify.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to deliver exactly what our client asked for. We’ll dive deep into your code, define a problem, and put our recovery approach into action. If you need new functionality developed we’d be glad to help. If it’s a technical challenge, we’ll give it a shot.

  • Service scope

    We will start by conducting a software audit with the goal to assess technical code quality. After that we’ll create a recovery strategy with the aim of improving reliability, extensibility and performance, and then we’ll implement this strategy.


A crowdsourced navigation and traffic app for truckers

  • 1500active truck drivers on start


New features

What do you get with Mobile Guru?

We’ve got tons of knowledge and miles of expertise turning ugly caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.

  • Maintainability

    It`s much faster to fix bugs in the source code that is easy to read. We`ll clean up the mess and make your code cheap to maintain.

  • Extensibility

    A truly extensible system allows new functionality to be added fast with minimal changes to the existing source code.

  • Performance

    By optimizing software on various levels we will make your application work more efficiently and use fewer resources.

  • Reusability

    Reusable code prevents you from reinventing the wheel again and lets you build on top of what has been already done.

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