Mobile Hero

Native mobile app development for iOS, Android and backend development using Go.


  • Who is this for?

    Mobile-first startups, enterprises, companies that want to improve their business efficiency and reach their customers on mobile devices, and everybody else with a smartphone and a wish to make people’s lives easier.

  • Mission

    We simply build apps that work well. This is our entire mission. Our code is easy to read and write, and our apps are maintainable. Our clients get exactly what they asked for, and we make sure they like to work with us.

  • Service scope

    We develop rock-solid apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and backend for these apps. We test each change in the code and check it for stability through continuous integration, code review and QA tests.


A crowdsourced navigation and traffic app for truckers

  • 1500active truck drivers on start



React Native

What’s so heroic about our apps?

Being a Mobile Hero means working long hours and being proud of the reached results – perfect applications.

  • Fast

    Users want fast solutions. Our mobile apps are fast and responsive, and keep up with people’s performance demands.

  • Secure

    Mobile devices carry security risks. And cybercriminals know this. We make our apps protected from malicious hackers.

  • User friendly

    We develop applications with the end user in mind. Our apps are simple, reliable, and intuitive. They load fast and work smoothly.

  • Stable

    There is nothing that frustrates users more than crashes. We thoroughly test our products before releasing them to the public.

  • Polished

    As perfectionists we have a great attention to detail. We polish a completed project to make it perfect before the release.

  • Up-to-date

    Whether it’s adding a new feature or updating to the newest version of the system, we keep our apps up-to-date after the first release.

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