Security Ninja

Security audit, risk assessment, and security management services.


  • Who is this for?

    Security audits are necessary for applications and connected devices that store and transmit sensitive information. These can be applications that process financial transactions, healthcare apps, business apps with access to internal company systems, and others.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to protect mobile applications from security breaches. Threats to security pose a risk to businesses - our goal is to defend against this risk. We find security flaws and design measures to eliminate them. Security assurance is a top priority for all our software development projects.

  • Service scope

    We conduct code and infrastructure examinations to validate the implementation of security for a mobile application. We check if there are any black doors and insecure third-party dependencies, and create a security strategy that will outline what must be done to repair technical vulnerabilities.


A mobile wallet app for a global settlement system

  • 2M active users a month

Security audit

Security strategy

What does Security Ninja protect against?

We look for various ways an attacker might try to cause harm to the application, and design solutions to protect against these threats.

  • Client attacks

    These attacks are directed at mobile devices. Attackers love to use malware to get to confidential user information. To reduce the risk of client attacks, an app should treat sensitive data in a proper way.

  • Network attacks

    Mobile devices are vulnerable to middleman attacks when an attacker intercepts a request from a sender to a receiver. Insecure protocols and incorrect certificate validation are general root causes of these attacks.

  • Server attacks

    Hackers can bypass the app and connect directly to the server. Server-side attacks are directed at the mobile backend. Protecting from these attacks requires knowledge of web app security and secure web programming practices.

  • Integration attacks

    Integrating an app with third party services and frameworks can bring about security challenges. An app should properly handle data transfer and storage, and protect its own networks to reduce the risk of integration attacks.

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