Testing Magnus

Mobile app testing and quality assurance services.


  • Who is this for?

    Everybody we work with. Testing ensures that the app works as it should. Software testing is the ongoing process of mobile app development. It takes place in each iteration before we submit the build to the client.

  • Mission

    We sleep soundly when we know that our software components fulfill their mission in the real-world use scenarios. We make testing a team effort. Our mission can only be accomplished when everyone is involved.

  • Service scope

    Our application testing process includes writing test cases, addressing user experience concerns, preparing unit tests, deciding what to automate and what to test manually, running various types of testing, and so forth.


A crowdsourced navigation and traffic app for truckers

  • 1500active truck drivers on start

Manual testing

Test automation

What is Testing Magnus great at?

Testing is about reducing risks. Our goal is not just to find bugs but to eliminate problems.

  • Unit tests

    Unit testing allows to better understand the design of the code we are working on. Unit tests reduce bugs, speed up code-writing, make code easier to refactor, and save hours.

  • Functional tests

    Functional testing assures that different components of the system such as client and server, or server and a third-party payment system – exchange data between each other flawlessly.

  • Regression tests

    After adding new features or making changes the previously developed code should perform the same way. Regression testing helps us validate the build to make sure nothing broke.

  • UI automated tests

    UI automated testing is testing of the user interface controls. Carrying out these tests in an automated way allows us to increase speed and reliability of the testing process.

  • Stress tests

    We break down the system under intense attacks and stress factors. This way can we pinpoint specific weaknesses and determine the threshold limit at which the system will fail.

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