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    Software Architecture Consulting Services

    Redesign your software, create opportunities for growth, and discover new benchmarks of efficiency with MadAppGang.

    You need our software architecture advisory when:

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    Developing and integrating new features is a tedious process

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    Your staff turnover increased or it’s hard to find 
good developers

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    Your app can’t handle traffic spikes

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    A problem in one module impacts the whole system

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    Scaling is an issue

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    Your team is resistant to tech transformations

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    Your developers’ motivation is low

    How you benefit from architecture consulting

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    Motivated developers with clear responsibilities within a project

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    A system that’s easy to change or update quickly and efficiently

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    A solid foundation for your project

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    Minimised risk of duplicate code

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    Innovative software that’s easy to scale up or down

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    Better platform performance

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    Reduced costs and new cost-saving opportunities

    Get an edge with software
    architecture consulting services

    Make your software ecosystem work harder. MadAppGang offers business-
    boosting services across sectors, whether you're a small food delivery startup
    or a large energy company:

    Architecture audit

    Overcome bottlenecks, both current and potential, in architecture, performance, and security with in-depth audit, expert advice and guidance.

    Cloud strategy

    Get maximum use of cloud benefits with a suitable cloud infrastructure development strategy: rehosting, re-platforming or re-architecting.

    Architecture design

    Design, develop and implement software architecture tailored to your project.

    Application modernisation

    Plan and implement all the necessary changes to your existing platform: from refactoring and new features all the way to full structural transformation.

    Scalability and performance tests

    Test your product at every stage of the development process to make sure it's ready for the market.

    Cost optimisation

    Develop strategies to enhance budget efficiency on your project, from the choice of the tech stack to the use of third-party tools and platforms.

    How it works

    Our software architecture consulting services help you build advanced solutions
    that fit into your existing ecosystem and meet the needs of your customers and business.
    Here's how we do it:

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    Conduct a thorough audit to identify bottlenecks

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    Build a new development strategy focused on solving business problems

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    Prepare a data-driven software architecture roadmap

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    Specify the project’s scope:  define development needs, create wireframes and decide upon documentation

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    Determine APIs, third-party integrations, choose the technology stack

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    Define team roles and responsibilities

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    Create motivating and productive workflows

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    Guide and assist developers with their work

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    Monitor progress and perform quality checks

    Our case study

    MadAppGang’s software architecture consulting and development services
helped Evergen reduce maintenance costs and make their app scalable and resilient
by re-platforming, modernising, and automating most operational processes.

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    Large-scale digital transformation
for the energy sector

    4X accelerated system installations

    Automation of business processes

    Improved visibility into business processes

    About project

    Build and run scalable apps
    with a cloud-native approach

    To build advanced solutions and leverage modern technologies, we follow a cloud-native
    approach. Organising development processes this way allows developers to capitalise on
    cloud-based services and produce software updates quickly and continuously:

    Decompose by business capability

    Design software so that services correspond to a particular part of your business. Benefit from faster software releases and make changes to one business domain without affecting others.

    Implement CI/CD

    Speed up software release cycles and ensure high-quality product development. The CI/CD workflow takes advantage of automation and facilitates frequent and reliable software delivery.

    Set up pipeline testing

    Deliver modern and reliable software to production quickly. We perform continuous automated testing across environments and devices throughout all development phases.

    Use stateless apps for scalability

    Scale your product easily and adapt it to any level of traffic with stateless apps and lambdas that don't store data on servers.

    Simplify operations with managed services

    Accelerate engineering productivity. We avoid redundant coding by using standard tools for standard tasks. By leveraging built-in cloud instruments and managed services, you get access to all the cloud advantages.

    Configure container orchestration

    Scale your infrastructure easily using containerised architecture and orchestration services for better flexibility, security, and optimal load balancing.

    Learn more about our cloud-native app development services →

    Our tech stack

    Advanced technologies are at your service. MadAppGang uses modern, powerful
    and secure tools, services, and integrations.

    golang logo


    The best way to build a simple, reliable, efficient, and secure backend with support for concurrency in its DNA.

    swift logo


    A new, community-driven, safe, fast, fun to use, and easy to read/write.
A replacement for Objective-C.

    kotlin logo


    A better way to develop apps
for Android: modern, concise,
safe, interoperable, tool-friendly, and open source.

    react logo


    Real web apps can only be created with ReactJS. Don’t believe us –
ask Facebook.

    flutter logo


    The fastest and the most cost-
efficient way to implement cross-
platform mobile apps from one codebase.

    mongoDB logo


    The most scalable database
with fast integration and a rich feature set.

    beego logo


    The best web framework for building complex web applications using Golang.

    java logo


    A must-have language to integrate and support legacy code for Android applications.

    JS logo


    The only way to write real web
apps. We use Babel, a JS compiler that works with the latest versions of JavaScript (ES2015 and beyond).

    C/C++ logo


    The only way to dive into the most complicated systems. C/C++ are especially useful for IoT solutions.

    gorilla logo


    The best toolkit to create microservices in the Go programming language.

    apple logo


    A must-have language to integrate and support legacy code for iOS
and Mac applications.