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    Use the best technology for building native iOS apps. With our Swift development company, you can build a responsive, feature-rich mobile app for years to come.

    Responsive app

    Smooth and responsive app

    As its name suggests, Swift is built to be fast. Whether you want to build a native app for iPhone or smartwatch with Swift, it will perform its best thanks to optimized native code that gets the most out of modern hardware. Swift uses a high-performance LLVM compiler technology, just like Objective-C, and in many tests, including those conducted by our team, Swift code scored a similar performance to C and C++.

    Crushes & bugs

    Fewer crashes and bugs

    The safer your code is, the fewer bugs and unexpected crashes your users will experience, hence more of them will remain active app users. Swift eliminates entire classes of unsafe code that were common in Objective-C development. For example, in Swift, all values are non-null by default. This prevents a huge category of runtime crashes in iOS apps. Also, automatic memory management keeps memory usage to a minimum.


    Easy to maintain

    Every app, if it wants to live long, must be maintained. The maintenance activities involve bug fixing, new feature adding, and system updates. Maintaining verbose legacy code will always be longer and more expensive than improving applications powered by modern technologies. For example, in Objective-C, because it was created from C, we have to maintain two separate files of code. In Swift, it's two times less work.


    Interoperable with Objective-C

    Swift is a successor to both the C and Objective-C languages. You can add new features written in Swift to your Objective-C application. Swift supports all existing C and Obj-C libraries and frameworks and can co-exist alongside your existing Objective-C files in the same project. We would, however, advise you to rewrite your application completely in Swift so as to reduce your app development cost in the long run.

    • Safe

      Swift averts the common programming mistakes leading to fewer crashes.

    • Fast to Build

      Clean and concise syntax makes programming faster and more fun.

    • Easy to maintain

      Compared to Objective-C, Swift code is much easier to maintain and less costly.

    • Cross-platform

      Swift supports all Apple platforms and Linux, and it will work on even more platforms soon.

    • Great user experience

      Swift apps need less memory to run, load faster, and crash less. All that results in a better user experience.

    • Top iOS apps

      Of the top 110 apps on the Apple App Store, 42% are using Swift.

    • Build an iOS app with Swift

      Safe, fast, responsive, scalable – create a great iOS app using modern native app development technologies. We make apps that work well and are easy to maintain.

    • Migrate an Obj-C app to Swift

      Move to better technology. When we migrate an Objective-C app to Swift, we do it iteratively so your application remains stable throughout the migration process.

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