Looking for specialized cloud-native application developers? We build apps that live in the cloud, are made up of microservices and housed in containers, can scale up and down on-demand, get deployed faster than traditional apps, and won't go down if something goes wrong. At MadAppGang, we build these apps using AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, or Azure.

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    From "support
 the business" to
" be the business"

    At MadAppGang, we use a modern cloud-native approach
 to building cloud apps. It allows our clients to develop scalable products and run them in an automated environment while saving costs and having access to innovation.

    Dynamic scaling

    Your cloud-native app can scale whenever you need it. It adjusts to the increased resources and scales on-demand.

    Always up to date

    Unlike on-premises apps that require regular updates, your cloud app is always up-to-date.

    99.98% service availability

    Cloud apps are hosted on multiple servers so when an outage occurs on one of them, your app will remain available.


    Using cloud infrastructure, we can automate virtually anything we do more than once including audit and control.


    Functions in cloud-native apps are broken down into microservices. We can update them separately and build
new features faster.


    Cloud allows you to save on operations and infrastructure. We can help you save even more with an optimal resource consumption plan.


    Cloud apps are more secure than traditional apps, but not 100% secure. We close your security gaps to fully protect your software.


    You can plug-and-play cutting-edge capabilities such as machine learning, IoT, and analytics into your application.

    This application is built to live
in a brave, new cloud world

    Evergen is a virtual power plant software that we developed

    for an Australian company with a mission to render obsolete a coal-fired power station
in 10 countries by powering the transition to a resilient, renewable, decentralized energy
    system of the future. The cloud-native approach allowed us to fully automate
the company's business processes.



    Large-scale digital transformation 
for the energy sector

    4X accelerated system installations

    Automation of business processes

    Improved visibility into business processes

    About project

    Cloud-native application
development services

    With our help, you can build a highly resilient, manageable, and observable
    cloud-native application – the best solution to deliver value to customers

    as quickly as possible.

    Cloud-native app development

    Design, develop and deploy a cloud-
native app. Get continuous support
and app management.

    Security audit

    Improve your data, network, and app
security and stay compliant with your industry's regulations.

    Migrating monolith to microservices or serverless

    Reengineer your legacy software to accelerate the pace of change and avoid 
the high cost of maintenance.

    Serverless software development

    Save your operational, development,
 and scaling costs using third-party BaaS
and/or FaaS platforms.


    Speed up time to market and improve
 quality by automating the software development lifecycle.

    Test automation

    Optimize time-consuming testing 
processes with the right test automation tools and frameworks.

    Perfect toolbox for digital transformation

    We use the newest and the most efficient methods and technologies
    for building cloud-native applications. They help our clients improve
the quality of their software, run business processes more effectively,

    and serve their customers better.

    Cloud platforms

    Leading providers: AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean


    The most efficient methodology for software development


    Highly maintainable and testable software architecture


    Kubernetes and Docker

    Continuous delivery

    Automated build delivery pipelines, zero-downtime deployment using Bitbucket pipelines, GitHub action, and other CI/CD platforms

    Native app development

    Swift for iOS apps Kotlin for Android

    Cross-platform app


    Web development

    React, Go, Node.js

    Explore our offers

    Other than helping companies build cloud-native apps, we also provide
    SaaS, mobile, and web app development services.

    Top-notch software engineers

    To harness the power of cloud computing you need

    an experienced team of software engineers. And this is exactly
what you get at MadAppGang.

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    10 years in software development

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    Experience in AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT

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    Deep security expertise

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    Well-established agile development processes