Fintech Software Development

    Develop a fintech application that users will trust. We offer financial custom software development to financial institutions and fintech startups

    Trustworthy tech. Bullet proof security. People's trust

    Users are always worried about how fintech apps handle their data. For people to use your app, they need to trust it. We implement secure financial technology that keeps your app safe from external attacks or internal abuse, complies with all regulations, and builds trust with your users.

    Two-factor authentication

    We implement two-factor authentication to verify user identity and prevent criminals from accessing private info. Enabling this feature lets you show that your app is secure, and build trust with your users

    Transparent by design

    Your customers deserve to know what data you collect and how it’ll be used. We make apps with safety features and explanations at every step to make users feel more secure and comfortable with the product.

    Thorough testing and QA

    A software bug in a fintech application can be disastrous and can have serious financial consequences. Our code makes it to a live environment only after it has gone through an extensive testing process.

    Compliance & anti-fraud

    User verification, suspicious behavior analysis, and reporting, data credibility assessment – we use a variety of methods to prevent fraud and keep your application in compliance with regulations.

    Expertise in banking & financial software development

    MadAppGang built a mobile app for WebMoney, one of the largest international settlement systems.

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    Developing a mobile app with bank-grade security for a global payment system

    Protected against malicious attacks

    Consistent UX across the web, Android, Windows, and even Symbian

    Used by millions of people

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    We can solve your fintech challenges

    We provide fintech and blockchain development services and excel at buildingcutting-edge solutions powered by modern tech. Here is a list of technology challengesyou can solve using our financial software development company.

    Integration with financial APIs

    APIs allow fintech applications to retrieve and aggregatedata from payment providers, banks, KYC providers, brokers, and other financial institutions. We can implement allthe integrations you need to offer your customers a wide range of services.

    AI & machine learning

    With AI we can automate a great variety of things in fintech: assessment of a client’s credit risk, suspicious activity detection, regulatory compliance, customer service. We're experienced in building intelligent algorithms that automate data processing.

    High load

    Many financial services companies rely heavily on dataand the speed of transactions. In trading, for example, milliseconds often mean the loss or gain of millionsof dollars. We implement streaming systems with high-frequency data flow.


    Want to transform the financial industry by building decentralized finance (Defi) app? We'd love to help you build a decentralized infrastructure and application platform that displaces centralized tech giants, giving people power over their own assets and data.

    Fintech regulatory compliance

    There is a long list of regulatory bodies that governthe activities of fintech businesses. We help you meetthe obligations of regulatory authorities by coveringa vast range of security requirements for KYC, AML,and GDPR compliance

    Security and data protection

    After healthcare, fintech is the second most frequently attacked industry by cybercriminals. We employ security best practices and controls to implement ISO 27001 compliance, the international standard for information security.

    Deep knowledge of the industry

    Our company leaders and financial software developers havea decade of experience in the finance industry. We've built banking software,crypto-currency platforms, and payment systems. You can use ourexpertise to develop any type of financial software solution.

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    Trading software development

    Loyalty and cashback app development

    Mobile payment app development

    Digital wallet app development

    P2P lending software development

    Hire us to transform the finance industry

    Let us know how you want to change your business or the entire industry, and we’ll see how we can help you do it.

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