Mac App Development Services

    Make a desktop app that will perform to its best. At MadAppGang, we’ve been creating macOS apps since 2000 (it was OS X back then) and know how to deliver both the looks and functionality.

    Why build an app for Mac?

    iPhone and iPad users – of whom there are over a billion worldwide – enjoy having their favorite programs in sync with Mac. And with a new technology introduced by Apple, bringing an iPad application to Mac is practically effortless.


    Over 100 million active Mac users

    And the number of new adopters is growing year to year


    The average app's price is $12

    Mac apps are several times more expensive than iPhone apps


    90% of loyal Apple users

    The majority of iPhone and iPad owners also have or consider buying a Mac

    Looking for a Mac software company? Here's what we offer

    There are several options for developing a Mac application: with a native IDE or a cross-platform framework. We can guide you through any type of development so you could choose what’s best for your product.

    Build a native macOS app

    Build a native macOS app

    We create native Mac apps using Xcode and the latest technologies introduced by Apple for machine learning, augmented reality, advanced GPU processing, and accessibility.

    Build a Mac app from an iPad app

    Build a Mac app from an iPad app

    Bringing the iPad app to Mac is easy with Catalyst that allows for effortless transition between the platforms. We can merge any iPad app to the desktop, giving it a native Mac feel.

    Types of Mac apps we can build

    Starting from March 2020, categories in the Mac App Store are unified with other iOS stores and customers can pay once for the same app across all devices. We can build a Mac app of any category or customize your iPhone or iPad app to desktop.


    Most Mac applications are designed for work – build a helpful app that streamlines daily tasks performed on a desktop.

    App developer software for Mac

    Mac apps include everything developers need to create programs for Apple devices – create a new tool for app building and testing.

    Graphics & Design

    Create a unique solution for users to effectively manage, edit, or share their visual content via desktop devices.

    Books, Magazines & Newspapers

    Customizable readers for books and magazines are growing in number – build a new one for desktop readers.


    Develop a navigation Mac app for users to plan trips, take map snapshots, or manage geographic data.

    What our clients say about us

    We cooperate with our clients for an average of three years, supporting them from the idea introduction to post-release improvements. People we work with appreciate our experience, responsiveness, and direct communication.

    Why MadAppGang

    With the technology making it easier to make Mac applications, now is the perfect time for macOS app development. While some rely on cross-platform tools like Electron, we prefer developing apps with a truly native feel. Trust your Mac app idea to a company with a diverse app development portfolio and top-notch project management.

    You’re a valuable part of the team

    You are involved in the app development from day one, prioritizing features and participating in the process.

    Visible results every two weeks

    We divide our work into two-week-long sprints and each sprint provides you with a working version of the app.

    Fast delivery with no quality compromise

    We can make an MVP in just six weeks and develop a fully-fledged app in three months on average.

    All the latest tools in use

    We're at the peak of innovation always adopting new technologies that facilitate app development.

    We develop apps for all Apple devices

    Apple is trying to unify all its platforms and make app development for multiple devices as easy and seamless as possible. There are lots of possibilities to consider – we can bring your app to any Apple screen from a smartwatch to a car display.

    Let’s do it

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