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    Build an Android app that lives up to user expectations and makes people love the Google Play Store. Our Android app development company employs experienced engineers certified by AWS and EC-Council.


    Hire Android developers to build apps for all Android devices

    When we say native Android app development, it no longer means building an app for a smartphone, tablet, or phablet. From watches to cars to refrigerators – Android is spreading everywhere. More than 2,5 billion devices running Android provide a huge potential audience for your app. And the great news is, our Android development company can build this app for you.


    Custom Android app development – our services suit different needs

    Are you looking for native Android app development? Exploring the possibilities of cross-platform tools to develop a mobile app for Android and iPhone? Need to perfect your pitch deck to pick up investors? Maybe, you want to integrate your Android app with third-party APIs or and hardware? Our Android app development services suit different business needs.

    Native Android app development

    Native Android app development

    Your requirements for Android app development define what technologies we will use to build it. If your app needs to access the feature set of the Android operating system, we will develop it using Kotlin. Native Android app development ensures better quality, security, performance, and device compatibility, and we use this approach at 95% of our projects.

    Android app with Flutter

    Android app with Flutter

    Android and Flutter both are the babies of Google. Used to build web and mobile apps for iOS and Android in record time and with a limited budget, Flutter is the best cross-platform framework at the moment. We use it to develop simple apps that don't require OpenGL, maps, video, and accessibility support – something that is currently lacking in Flutter.

    Android app prototypes

    Android app prototypes

    If you were an investor, what would convince you to hand over cash? Proof that your app meets a user need. With a fully-functional Android app prototype developed quickly, you can validate your app idea with real users and show the evidence of your app's value to investors. They will be more likely to take your app seriously if they could try it out for themselves.

    Third-party API and hardware integration

    Third-party API and hardware integration

    In Android app development, you don't need to spend time and money reinventing the wheel when there is so much functionality and data available through third-party APIs. We've done lots of integrations with payment systems, POS, CRM, custom databases, and hardware and can handle the challenges related to compatibility, access, and post-integration support.

    Android application development company with the expertise you need

    A finance app with bank-level security, restaurant ordering software that integrates with a variety of POS, a navigation app that can process a million data points on a map in half a second – our technology expertise differentiates us among other companies. We are IT security nerds, machine learning pioneers, and open source evangelists.

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    iconSentiment Recognition
    iconWork offline
    iconLive Streaming
    iconPayment Systems Integration
    iconDigital Wallet
    iconAI Solutions
    iconIntegration With Hardware
    iconMachine Learning
    iconFitness Activity Tracking
    iconNudity Detection
    iconGeo Clustering
    iconReal-time Tracking
    iconBluetooth Sensors
    iconMenu Mapping
    iconPhoto & Video Editing
    iconVoice Search

    We've built the most popular types of Android apps

    Over the years, our Android app developers have served a variety of businesses and sole-entrepreneurs from all over the globe and across different industries. The listed below are the most sought-after types of apps where we have a particular experience.

    Healthcare & MedTech

    Healthcare & MedTech

    Healthcare and Medtech are our passion. We’ve built HIPAA compliant software solutions for health service providers and digital health startups. One of our projects is an app that helps patients manage their medical prescriptions and remind to purchase medications on time.

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    Mobile applications that help people manage, borrow and invest their money is where we can apply our strong security expertise. We worked with WebMoney, one of the largest global payment systems to create a digital wallet with bank-level security and custom user interface.

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    Sport & Fitness

    Sport & Fitness

    Workout, weight loss, fitness tracking – we have large expertise in the health and fitness app category. Our most recent project is a running app that features precise heart rate tracking, integrates with Apple Watch, and offers personalized AI-powered training programs.

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    Logistics & Transportation

    Logistics & Transportation

    Mobile technology changed transportation. From taxi apps that connect drivers with passengers to shipping apps that connect truckers with shippers and navigation apps that help truck drivers navigate the road – we can help you realize opportunities in this industry.

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    Food & Restaurants

    Food & Restaurants

    Our experience with Tayble, an order processing app for Australian restaurants, usually says it all to those who want to build a restaurant app. We can help you transform the way people choose a meal, make an order, pay for it, and get food delivered to their doorsteps.

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    Android app development tools and technologies

    Learn what Android app development tools and technologies we use every day.




    Architecture components
    Kotlin Serialization/Moshi

    Dynamic and Agile mobile app developers

    The nature of technology business requires entrepreneurs to quickly adapt to changes and move fast. We see no other way to survive in our industry than to be Agile. With us you get fast time to market, on time delivery, predictable process and long lasting, rewarding relationships.

    iconHTML, CSS, JavaScript
    iconReact Native

    Agile app developers for dynamic growth

    The nature of technology business requires entrepreneurs to quickly adapt to changes and move fast. We see no other way to survive in our industry than to be Agile. With us you get fast time to market, on time delivery, predictable process and long lasting, rewarding relationships.

    Timely predictable delivery

    Timely predictable delivery

    The ability to get work done on time and within budget depends on the team's ability to make accurate estimates. We're 99,9% accurate in planning projects and deliverying them as expected.

    Fast time to market

    Fast time to market

    With carefully planned two-week sprints and regular communication, you see the first tangible results in the first weeks of work. Because we get more done, we make the product available for market faster.

    10 years of engineering experience

    10 years of engineering experience

    Our Android app developers have the experience of at least 10 years building mobile apps. We carry AWS and CEH security certifications and you can assess the quality of our code via GitHub.

    Long-lasting relationships

    Long-lasting relationships

    When a client stays with a team for 1 year, it's a win. When they stay for 3 years, it's a relationship. Our average time with clients ranges from 3 to 8 years. We build lots of great projects together.

    At MadAppGang remote collaboration is easy

    When you can't walk across the room and tap your colleagues on the shoulder to find out their progress, it seems like the process becomes less transparent. At MadAppGang, we solve the remote team communication problems by connecting you directly with our developers, inviting you to our daily stand-up meetings, and documenting all project-related information in a shared knowledge base.

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