Apple Watch App Development

    Meet user expectations with your iPhone app also available on Apple Watch! Work with the top wearable app developers to build your watchOS application.

    Why build an app for Apple Watch

    You can sell your Apple Watch app on a standalone app store solely for smartwatches. Your users will be able to make in-app purchases directly on Apple Watch, as well. This opens a range of profitable business opportunities.

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    Apple Watch Store

    You can sell your Apple Watch app on a standalone app store solely for smartwatches.

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    In-app purchases

    In watchOS 6.2 and later, users will be able to make in-app purchases directly on Apple Watch.

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    37.9% market share

    With almost 38% market share, Apple has the largest number of customers among other wearable makers.

    From independent to companion apps – build a great Apple Watch experience with us

    There are two types of projects in WatchOS app development that we can help you implement. The first and most frequent type is creating an Apple Watch app companion for your existing iPhone app. And the second is building a fully independent WatchOS app that installs and runs without an iOS app.


    Apple Watch companion app for iOS

    Provide the most essential features and on-the-go functionality for the existing users of your iOS app. Who knows, maybe your Apple Watch application will be even more useful than your smartphone app?


    A standalone app for Apple Watch

    Develop an iPhone-free experience on Apple Watch just as Nike and Pandora did. Building an iPhone-independent Apple Watch app can help you reach a bigger market of users who don’t have an iPhone.

    What Apple Watch app are you looking to build?

    We're most experienced in building Apple Watch apps that track heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned during a workout and monitor fitness levels and sports activities. While sports and fitness is our area of expertise, we can implement an Apple Watch app for any niche. What kind of app are you looking to build? home

    Get an Apple Watch app built using watchOS 6 SDK with support for Apple Watch Series 4 and later

    Similar to iPhone apps, a great app for Apple Watch offers great user experience, only for small screens. Brief interactions, a bare minimum of information on the screen, notifications that give users an opportunity to respond, and complications with important information put upfront – these are the features that your Apple Watch app will get. 
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    Top wearable app developers

    We were reviewed by Clutch as one of the top wearable app developers in 2019.

    We develop apps for all Apple's devices

    Whether you already have an iOS app or think of making one, there’s a whole ecosystem of Apple devices you can consider too. We can bring your app to any screen.

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