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Golang Development Services

We're the right combination of the most sought-after technical expertise and real-world experience building scalable software solutions using our favorite tool – Go programming language.


This is MadAppGang or simply MAG. MAG is a perfect choice for product owners who want to build the highest quality product as quickly as possible.


This is Go, a programming language. Go is a perfect choice for engineering teams who care about scalability and performance.

We're best at solving tough engineering problems

Go and MadAppGang have a lot in common. We're both problem solvers. We choose Go because it can solve some extremely challenging issues in software development: building scalable systems, concurrency programming, breaking a monolith into microservices, increasing performance. If some of these challenges sound familiar, we can help you handle them.

Overengineering: what it is and how we avoid it →

Building scalable systems

Any app can suddenly experience a surge in users. Unless your application is scalable, it might not handle that load. By powering your app with Go, we prepare it for high load. Go also allows for creating maintainable code that lets new developers quickly get up to speed and drive your project forward.

Performance improvements

Unlike PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, Go doesn’t rely on a virtual machine to compile its code. Its code gets compiled directly into a binary file. Skipping the virtual machine makes Go faster than other languages. With this technology, we build responsive apps that perform just like Dropbox, SendGrid, or Uber.

Concurrent programming

Music streaming services, chats, email systems, flight booking apps all deal with tasks that must communicate with each other but need to be executed independently and simultaneously (just like our brain). Concurrent programming is a tough nut to crack. Fortunately, Go is designed for concurrency.

Migrating to microservices

When a tech company decides to go with Go as their core technology, very often they do it because Google's Golang is a perfect language for creating microservice architectures. We used Go to build Evergen, a software system that makes it possible to optimize energy resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Our recent project using Go

Evergen is a virtual power plant software. We chose Go as the primarylanguage for Evergen because it offers high performance, scalability and becauseit's the only technology that allowed us to build a minimal viable product (MVP)within just a few months.

project image


Large-scale digital transformation for the energy sector

5X accelerated system installations

Automation of business processes

Improved visibility into business processes

About project

Why we choose Go and why you should care

Every developer at MadAppGang is excited about Go. We have a lotof experience with it, and "going with what we know" always means we're goingto build the highest quality in the shortest time possible. But just to make surewe're all on the same page, here is how some Go's developer-friendly nicetiestranslate into benefits for our clients.

Why our developers love it

What it means for our clients

Dead simple to use


High developer productivity

Quick to deploy


Shortened delivery and development cycles

Easy to get started


Highly maintainable

Designed for cloud-native


Scalability, performance, reliability

Go is designed for cloud-native, a modern way to build software

We follow a cloud-native approach in software development. This means we build, deploy, and maintain software applications on cloud infrastructure. This approach lets you bring your product to market faster, scale up and down on the fly, respond sooner to customer demands, and only pay for what you use.

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Looking to hire a team for Golang software development? It can take monthsto find qualified Golang outsourcing providers. You can endlessly browse Googleor hop on a call with our Golang development company. We come with all the bellsand whistles needed to take your project to the finish line within the quickest timepossible. This is because we're Go experts with years of real-world experiencebehind our backs.

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Jack has over 25 years of experience building software. He's an AWS certified Solution Architect and a lead developer behind Evergen, WebMoney, and Moyo TV.

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