MadAppGang is a Product Development Company

    We develop digital products for the web, mobile and cloud. Years ofexperience and numerous projects with clients of different caliberfrom all around the globe give us an ability to tailor digital solutionsthat are a perfect balance between complexity, delivery time and cost. Over the past decade, we`ve built dozens of solutions for the fintech,energy, healthcare, fitness, transportation, and food industries

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    A personal running coach for improving heart health

    Constant HR monitoring

    Real-time GPS tracking

    HealthKit integration

    RealTime offline personalised AI feedback

    Big data training analyses and anomaly detection

    BLE device connection
    Kalman Filter
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    How we work

    We follow Agile software development methodology and build trust-based partnerships with all of our clients.



    What is your app's main value? What are your business objectives? Any third-party solution you'd like to integrate with? We need to have a clear picture of what you have in mind. As a result of this stage, we will provideyou with a bare scope and cost estimations.



    Strategizing includes drawing a mind map, writing use cases, designing user flows, defining technology stacks, preparing test documentation, and more. You'll get a precise scope and cost estimations and a product development roadmap at the end of this stage.



    We organize our process in two ways: Scrum or Kanban. Kanban is greatfor projects that require flexibility. Scrum works best for projects with a precise scope. We follow a continuous delivery approach with dailymeetings and demos at the end of each iteration.



    After we launch your product, we can help you maintain and support it.Our support activities цinclude 24/7 critical bug fixing, stability monitoring, internal engineering team coaching, protection from security vulnerabilities, and planning new releases.

    Our core technology stack

    Our core tech stack includes Go, React, Swift, and Kotlin –something that was invented less than a decade ago.


    The best way to build a simple, reliable, efficient, and secure backend with support for concurrency in its DNA.


    A new, community-driven, safe, fast, fun to use, and easy to read/write. A replacement for Objective-C.


    A better way to develop appsfor Android: modern, concise,safe, interoperable, tool-friendly, and open source.


    Real web apps can only be created with ReactJS. Don’t believe us –ask Facebook.


    The fastest and the most cost-efficient way to implement cross-platform mobile apps from one codebase.


    The most scalable database with fast integration and a rich feature set.


    The best web framework for building complex web applications using Golang.


    A must-have language to integrate and support legacy code for Android applications.


    The only way to write real webapps. We use Babel, a JS compiler that works with the latest versions of JavaScript (ES2015 and beyond).


    The only way to dive into the most complicated systems. C/C++ are especially useful for IoT solutions.


    The best toolkit to create microservices in the Go programming language.


    A must-have language to integrate and support legacy code for iOS and Mac applications.

    Our core technology stack

    Our core tech stack includes Go, React, Swift, and Kotlin –something that was invented less than a decade ago.

    Never say "impossible"

    We don't have any bans at MadAppGang. Except one.The phrases "this is impossible," or "I can't do it" are prohibited. We do research, suggest solutions, and evaluate these solutions. Then we come up with a decision on how to achieve the desired outcome. We never say "It's impossible."

    Be your own boss

    Being your own boss means taking responsibility for your own actions. We don't make others do our job. And we don't rely on managers with inflated corporate titles to make things work. We brainstorm ideas and generate solutions. If we need help, we raise the issue and solve it within our team.

    Challenge yourself

    Everybody at MadAppGang has one common trait: a strong desire to learn. Personal development is about challenging yourself. You can never see any improvements if you stick to your comfort zone. If you stop growing, you drown. We prefer to keep moving than to stay still.

    Embrace the new

    We stay ahead of the curve. AI and machine learning, blockchain, and IoT – we have experience in all of these areas. We learn new technologies because they help our clients create better products (and out of pure curiosity). We're small but we move faster than others.

    Mad team

    Here is what we look like

    Nothing is impossible regarding engineering point of view. We are all biochemically identical.

    Jack Rudenko

    CTO, Founder

    I am a software engineer who likes to think of myself as a coding rockstar and a multiverse traveler.

    Oleksandr Malovichko

    COO, iOS / Android Developer

    Entrepreneur, biker, engineer

    Anton Kalinin


    I love programming, creating electronic devices, and riding a bike.

    Oleh Malovichko

    iOS Developer

    Brainless geek

    Denis Ivanov

    Full Stack Web Developer

    I love math, nature, and discovering patterns in data. I work on data analysis and machine learning projects.

    Eugene Simonov

    Data Analyst / Full Stack Web Developer

    Learn, learn and once again, learn!

    Ivan Zolotuhin

    DevOps Pro

    An English teacher who is happy to talk about anything in English. Dealing with problems in learning the language and managing conversations much better than Siri

    Anastasia Khamarshekh

    English Teacher

    You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need

    Artem Kolomytsev

    Backend Engineer

    I will be glad to bring your ideas to life

    Bogdan Marchenko

    iOS Developer

    Love engineering, love math, love to create.

    Dmitrii Kozlov

    Backend Engineer

    I am a software developer with a passion for building great products and delivering incredible user experiences.

    Dmytro Lisitsyn

    iOS / Android Developer

    I love looking under the hood, and I don’t give a shit if it’s a car or Android.

    Eugene Prytula

    Android Developer

    Technologies change the world. Changes are constant. Help bring better things.

    Fedor Denisov

    QA engineer

    I’m fascinated by our planet. It teaches us to achieve balance and I believe that it is the key to solving any problem.

    Nikolay Beznos

    iOS Developer

    Fly into space 🚀

    Nikita Kysil

    Web Developer

    Next in line for neuralink installation

    Nataliia Zavadska

    Project Manager

    I’m a digital designer who is interested in: product design, mobile app design, design thinking and education. I try to be useful to mankind.

    Roman Shelekhov

    Art Director / Designer

    Let's make things as simple as possible.

    Sergey Artamonov

    Backend Engineer

    I like everything new. I don’t like to stand still.

    Vitaliy Ksenz

    Web Developer

    A strong desire to learn something is 50% of success.

    Yaroslav Rudenko

    Backend engineer

    Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.

    Svitlana Kravchenko

    Android Developer

    And robots

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