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    Create an incredible app for iPad, taking advantage of the latest iPadOS features. At MadAppGang we deliver applications for various platforms and devices that function the way you want them to.

    iPad app development to enhance your business

    iPad is a unique device in the niche between desktops and smartphones, used for every activity imaginable. Both in laptop-like configuration and handheld, iPad is widely appreciated for its flexibility and ever-improving characteristics.


    Over 400 million iPads sold

    With an iPad app, you reach an international market of millions of users that is increasing year to year


    Young, financially secure users

    The majority of iPad owners are under the age of 45 and have an income within the top 50% of global income


    Over 30% of the global tablet market

    iPad keeps a solid market position among Android and Windows-powered tablets and constantly introduces improvements

    Build an iPad-only app or access the whole Apple ecosystem

    With experienced iOS developers, you can extend the existing iPhone app to iPad or create a separate product exclusively for tablets. We develop applications for all Apple devices with regard to their unique capabilities.

    Custom iPad app development

    Custom iPad app development

    In the latest iPadOS release, Apple separated the tablet’s software from the iPhone, giving more room for iPad app development. Whatever category you aim at – be it work, education, entertainment, or fitness – we can bring the functionality to the native iPad experience.

    Customizing an iPhone app to iPad

    Customizing an iPhone app to iPad

    We can take the already existing iPhone app to iPad, considering how tablet users engage with their devices and embracing all the iPad-specific features: screen sizes of all the models, drag and drop, multiple windows support, Apple Pencil support, and others.

    Bring your iPad app to Mac

    Bring your iPad app to Mac

    iPad users are usually Apple fans who also own iPhones and Macs. It might be a good idea to expand your app, especially since with the new APIs presented with the latest iPadOS, it’s easier than ever to translate the iPad app code to Mac.

    We put the unique iPad functionality to its best use

    We build applications for any Apple screen and know how to make it particularly engaging for iPad users. To save development time, we employ existing Swift frameworks and sometimes make our own: for example, BehaviorKit that helps create apps with Xcode Interface Builder.


    For making the most out of the canvas on different iPad screens.


    For creating first-class, immersive augmented reality experiences.

    Multitouch APIs

    For users to be able to move text, images, and files between apps.
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    Developing a mobile app with bank-grade security for a global payment system

    Protected against malicious attacks

    Consistent UX across the web, Android, Windows, and even Symbian

    Used by millions of people

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    Why MadAppGang

    To ensure your project won’t suffer from development delays, post-release bugs, and ineffective communication, you need an iPad app development company that values your time and can make the most out of your ideas.

    Hire iPad developers with 10 years of experience

    We built apps for various industries including healthcare, fintech, and logistics. We try out the latest technologies and easily embrace new challenges.

    Put agility and innovation at the core of your processes

    We use Agile methodology and iterative approach to deliver a working version of an app every two weeks and are always adaptable to changes.

    Communicate directly with your developers

    We believe in well-timed communication where you, as a product owner, are a part of the team, in perfect sync with development processes.

    Build a long-lasting collaboration

    The average time we work with a client is three years. We provide ongoing support for your app after the release and work on its further improvements and bug fixing.

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