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    Apple CarPlay App Development Services

    Build an audio-focused app to help car owners navigate and enjoy their rides. We at MadAppGang have a vast experience in building navigation functionality and know how to make apps that speak to the needs of driving users.

    Why build an app for Apple CarPlay?

    The majority of car infotainment systems are outdated and poor in functions, and Apple’s CarPlay is a truly transformational platform that opens a new niche for app developers.


    75% of new cars sold globally support CarPlay

    CarPlay support has become a trend for car manufacturers and a priority for drivers looking for a new car.


    Users are ready to pay more for quality

    The audience is limited but users who buy vehicles with CarPlay are ready to pay a premium for apps.


    New and promising business niche

    Programs for nex-gen car infotainment might be the next big thing in app development.

    Why build an app for Apple CarPlay?

    The majority of car infotainment systems are outdated and poor in functions, and Apple’s CarPlay is a truly transformational platform that opens a new niche for app developers.

    Bring your iPhone app to CarPlay

    Bring your iPhone app to CarPlay

    If your iPhone app perfectly fits the needs of driving users, expand it to Apple CarPlay. We know how to make a convenient app considering different types of touchscreens and knobs in vehicles.

    Make a unique infotainment app

    Make a unique infotainment app

    Since iOS13, CarPlay works independently from iPhone – the next step would be making unique applications for CarPlay only. You can become the market pioneer with a driver-oriented app.

    We've built the most sought-after iOS apps

    We've built the most sought-after iOS apps


    Build a competing app for navigation with voice input and comprehensive audio directions.


    Help drivers check weather conditions and get meteorological updates to plan their routes more carefully.

    Audio apps

    Music, radio, podcasts, or audiobooks – help users have fun while driving with an audio streaming app.

    Messaging and VoIP

    All types of messaging apps can be brought to CarPlay – make one that supports calls and creates texts from dictation.


    Help drivers stay on track with their schedules with a flexible calendar app that works on a car’s display.

    Automaker apps

    Provide information about a vehicle’s performance and allow controlling car’s features via a branded app.

    What makes a great CarPlay app

    CarPlay is a smarter way to use iPhone in the car but also a separate platform for drivers. We can take your app or idea to exactly what vehicle owners would like to have while on the road.

    Adaptability to different displays

    Take into consideration different displays of cars with CarPlay.

    Adjustable commands

    Allow users to handle different app’s actions the way they want.

    Talk to developers directly

    Provide a sensitive recognition system for seamless dictation.

    Top wearable app developers

    Incorporate motion detection to limit the app’s content while the vehicle is moving.

    Our clients

    We always keep our clients on track with the development process. The balance between adhering to a predetermined roadmap and adapting to changes is what sets us apart.

    Why hire MadAppGang for CarPlay app development

    We developed an enterprise app for truck drivers with powerful turn-by-turn navigation and secure chat. Our expertise and years of experience allow for accurate project estimation and proper implementation.

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    I love music, nature, travel. As an engineer, I seek and create solutions to problems that make the world a better place.

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    Backend Developer

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    Dmytro Lisitsyn

    iOS / Android Developer

    Top-skilled developers

    We are engineers with more than ten years of experience willing to carry out the most challenging projects.

    Visible results every two weeks

    We deliver a working version of the app at the end of each sprint which stands for a two-week-long development cycle.

    Effective direct communication

    You are a part of the team, involved in every stage of the process from planning to testing.

    Adaptability to changes

    We are always ready to make corrections and adjust the development according to your priorities.

    We develop apps for all Apple's devices

    Whether you already have an iOS app or think of making one, there’s a whole ecosystem of Apple devices you can consider too. We can bring your app to any screen.

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