Hi, we’re MadAppGang. We build web, mobile and cloud native apps for our clients worldwide. And we’re serious about creating amazing products, powered by modern technology and engineering talent.

Build a product,
don`t just crank out code

Our engineering team will find solution
that is right for you.

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Our services

We know how technology can help
businesses thrive

MVP development

The smartest way to build a new product
is by starting with the smallest possible version. We've built dozens of successful MVPs for our clients and will help you develop one in a fast, cost-effective manner.

End-to-end product development

Once upon a time, there was an idea, and then a new product appeared. We fill in the gaps in your story and take your product from conception to completion.

Business process automation

Use technology to automate routine business processes and gain valuable data. We love helping businesses become more efficient. On our latest project, we reduced the time it takes to install solar systems from 9 to 2 months.

Architecture and security audits

We've built enterprise-grade systems with bank-level security that handle millions of requests per second. If you need to verify that your software architecture is scalable and secure, we're the best team for the job.

System scaling

As your business grows, your software should grow too. We know how to fix issues with any product's scalability
so it can handle more work while still performing with efficiency.

Tech team coaching

Is your software far behind schedule. Struggling with SDLC? Don't worry.
We know how to fine-tune your software development operations and coach
your team so you can keep the wheels moving forward.

What our clients say 
about working with us

Build a product, don't just crank out code

Good is fine, but great is better. Develop a product that's powered
by reliable technologies and enriched by integrations with other
software systems. At MadAppGang, you get the expertise, experience,
and resources needed to support complex software projects
and create something great


Develop a product

Products are built to solve problems, but some products solve problems better than others. Tell us the problem you want to solve and we'll help you create a product that does its job properly.


Engineer software

Quality software is like a strong bridge. If you want it to be safe and withstand the traffic, you can't afford to make errors. Unreliable software can wreak havoc on your business. You need great software engineers to build reliable systems.


Integrate other apps

Software that can't integrate with other software doesn't make sense in today's world. We can help you integrate any system into your product so you get a multi-functional solution customers love to use.

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Develop a product that makes a difference. With people
who can do the impossible

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Large-scale digital transformation 
for the energy sector

4X accelerated system installations

Automation of business processes

Improved visibility into business processes

About the project
preview image


A personal running coach for improving heart health

Constant HR monitoring

Real-time GPS tracking

HealthKit integration

RealTime offline personalised AI feedback

Big data training analyses and anomaly detection

BLE device connection
Kalman Filter
About the project
preview image


Developing a mobile app with bank-grade security for a global payment system

Protected against malicious attacks

Consistent UX across the web, Android, Windows, and even Symbian

Used by millions of people

About the project

Build on any platform,

wherever your users are

Whether it's web, mobile, desktop, IoT, or the cloud, we have
the expertise to build software for the platforms of your choice

We go the extra mile

Your success is our success. We take responsibility
for the success of your project


Agile methodologies

Product teams


Mature management

Road mapping
Shared product ownership


Full transparency

Daily standups
Regular reporting
Direct team communication

How we work

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