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    MadAppGang has more than a decade of experience 
in building products that delight customers, streamline teamwork, and help businesses grow. 
If you're looking for a team to work on your SaaS platform, have a quick look at what we offer.

    What stage are
you at?

    Our approach to SaaS app development depends on what stage you're currently in and what purpose you're building a product for. There are 4 common stages that a product cycles through during its lifespan. Check out what we can help you with at each of these stages:


    Pitch your idea to investors

    In case you're looking for funds, we can help you develop your product's first prototype so your potential investors could understand what you want to build.

    MVP phase

    Learn about your customers

    If you're following the lean startup methodology, we can 
help you build a minimum viable product so you could 
test your idea on the market.

    Full-featured solution

    Go full in

    If you already have a market for your product and are looking to offer a full feature set to your customers, we'll build you 
a product that can scale with increasing load.

    Scale phase

    Grow your SaaS

    Whether you need to revamp your existing application,
or are having technical issues, at MadAppGang you'll get everything you need to improve and expand.

    SaaS app
development services

    We offer end-to-end SaaS development services

    covering web, cloud, and mobile platforms.

    SaaS application development

    Build a custom app. We provide design, development, testing, and support.

    Migration & reengineering

    Migrate your existing SaaS application 
to new technology or platform.

    Mobile app development

    Build iOS and Android mobile applications and increase your reach.

    Multi-tenancy and scalability

    With a multi-tenant architecture, your SaaS app is easy to maintain and easy to scale.

    Security and compliance

    Meet your compliance requirements 
with proper security in place.

    Third-party integrations

    Integrate your app with third-party services, systems, and platforms.

    Get your SaaS app
    to market fast

    After so many years working with SaaS companies, we are pretty sure
that time to market is high on the list of your priorities. Here is what

    we do to speed up your app development process:

    Set realistic deadlines

    Accurately predict your release milestones after the first couple of sprints, when you get a clear understanding 
of your team's pace and velocity.

    Build a roadmap

    Drive the project forward with a backlog of the most important items for your team to work on. This backlog is a living document that reflects our situation here and now.

    Don't reinvent the wheel

    Make use of available technologies instead of trying to design a solution from nothing. We're not going to waste your time for the sake of holy programming.

    Start testing from day one

    Use continuous integration practice to automate the testing pipeline. Our testing methods include both automated 
and manual tests for every build.

    Communicate with your team

    Participate in our daily meetings, sprint planning, task estimation, retrospectives, backlog prioritization –
you are an integral part of our team.

    Get your app out the door

    Get a fast time to market and learn from your users. Improve your product with every iteration. You already have a software development team you can trust.

    Learn more about our work processLearn more

    Tech stack that works best

    for your SaaS

    Explore what technologies we've got in our toolbox
and our experience putting them to work.

    Interested in our experience?

    Check out our case studies.



    Developing a mobile app with bank-grade security for a global payment system

    Protected against malicious attacks

    Consistent UX across the web, Android, Windows, and even Symbian

    Used by millions of people

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    Exceptional team.

    Well-tuned processes.

    We've got all you need to build a great product.

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    Quick deliverables

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    Constant pace

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