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    Looking to start health and fitness app development? We have just the right expertise in such projects!

    Can't find a fitness app that is good enough? Let's create one for people like you!

    WLet us guess: you tried to find a solution in the health and fitness app category and didn't find it so you decided to build one yourself. Don't worry, we've been there too. A couple of years ago we created an app for runners that stemmed from our personal need. While developing this app, we gained expertise in health and fitness technology and products, and now we want to help others build their applications.

    The types of health & fitness apps we can build

    We can help you develop a fitness app in the following popular categories:

    Mental health and wellness

    Mental health and wellness

    The fastest-growing category, mental health applications help people fight stress, depression, anxiety, and overcome negative thoughts. From a meditation app like Headspace to mood tracking and journaling – turn to us if you want an app that helps people live mindfully.

    Workout & weight loss

    Workout & weight loss

    Weight loss is one of the most popular use cases in fitness apps. To help people lose weight, we can help you create a database of foods with their calorie values and a barcode scanner for tracking packaged foods. We can also add workout plans to make diets more effective.

    Studio and personal trainers

    Studio and personal trainers

    There is a huge demand for gym exercise apps. Depending on your target market, you can focus on high-intensity workouts, workouts with special equipment, at-home exercise routines, training for a race, or even guided workouts with an actual human trainer.

    Women's health

    Women's health

    There is a lot of activity in the women’s health space today, namely reproductive health. From fertility tracking apps to post-menopausal treatment applications – we can help you leverage technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT sensors to improve women’s healthcare.

    Health apps for kids

    Health apps for kids

    The rising category of children's healthcare is a great place to build a product. Young users are attracted by the game-like design and entertaining functionality. Educate kids about a healthier lifestyle, and you will motivate them to spend less time staring at screens.

    Apps for wearables

    Apps for wearables

    In the USA and Australia, almost one-fifth of the population is using wearables. In case you're looking to build an app for Apple Watch, or Android Wear app, or an application paired with a fitness device, we have a large experience in wearable app development.

    Features that will make your fitness app all the rage

    Whether it's losing weight, becoming more self-aware, or mastering a skill, any fitness app must help people reach their wellness and fitness goals. We will work with you to define the most optimal feature set depending on your business goals and user needs. Below are some of the most in-demand features that we've implemented at some of our previous fitness app development projects.

    Personalized workout and nutrition plans

    We have the experience of creating personalized workout and nutrition plans using machine learning algorithms. The algorithms analyze performance, track progress, and adapt training or diet to help people reach their individual fitness goals.

    Guided coaching and live chats

    For workout apps, guided courses, audio workouts, and even live chats are a great way to deliver personal coaching straight to your users' ears. These features motivate people to exercise and serve as an incredible tool to build loyalty.

    Fitness classes booking

    If you have a fitness studio or a gym, you will benefit from the appointment booking functionality implemented in a mobile app. We can make it possible for your clients to see your schedule, book classes, and fitness coaches, and buy memberships.

    Workout videos

    To offer a great user experience in your video workouts application, we can implement the possibility to filter videos by style, focus, teacher, level of ability, duration, and more. Your users will also be able to download the videos for offline use.

    Viral features

    Push notifications and reminders, inter-app communications, social sharing, gamification, loyalty programs, referrals – we create functionality that makes an app sticky. We can consult you on implementing viral features that we know work.

    We cover health tracking functionality

    People who track their health and fitness data do so because they want to improve their physical condition. Activity tracking motivates users to exercise. We can help you to not only implement health measurement functionality but also present it in a way people find motivating and actionable.

    iconHeart rate monitoring
    iconPhysical activity level
    iconWater consumption rate
    iconStairs climbed and steps made
    iconStanding vs sitting time breakdown
    iconDistance/speed/ Cadence Tracking
    iconSwim strokes and rate tracking
    iconPetaling power tracking
    iconExercise repetition counting
    iconcheck-in / checkout using BT beacons
    iconCalorie counting
    iconWeight tracking
    iconPerformance prediction
    iconGPS route tracking

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    It's a global trend. More and more people want to be healthy. The fitness app market is estimated at $2.1 billion. By 2026 app developers will make seven times more. Whether you're just entering the market, or already going this road for a while, you're on the right track. Send us the details of your project, and we'll take it from there.

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