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    Smart Home App Development

    Make a connected home accessory that communicates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and/or Apple's HomeKit. Enable people to control their devices through mobile apps and smart home assistants.

    Why invest in home automation systems?

    Smart home devices haven't yet achieved worldwide adoption. But people who already have smart home technology, like it and are adding more connected devices to their homes. In the next couple of years, consumer spending on smart home appliances could top $100 billion worldwide. It's the right time to invest in one.


    41,6 billion smart home devices

    There will be 41,6 billion data-generating devices in use by 2025.


    $47,119 million – smart home market volume

    Revenue in the smart home market is expected to reach $47,119 million by 2024.


    61% of the market belongs to Amazon Echo

    By integrating with voice assistants, you can reach users across billions of devices.

    Make your device compatible with voice assistants

    If you're working on a smart home device today, we can integrate it with all three leading home assistants so you could create a better user experience and sell your device to more people.

    There will be 8 billion digital voice assistants in use by 2023. People want their devices to talk to their smart home assistants. Google, Amazon, and Apple have joined forces to create a new standard that lets smart home devices talk to Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. In a few years, your device will become universal.
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    Develop a smart home dashboard app

    Enable users to control their home automation system with one touch. We can help you develop a convenient dashboard app with live tracking and analytics features. The app will be able to work across all iOS and Android devices.

    Wireless connectivity

    Your device will wirelessly connect to the internet.

    Settings and configurations

    We set up access configuration rules to make sure the right user has access to the right features.

    Availability across all mobile platforms

    Your smart home app will be available for users of both iOS and Android devices.

    Push notification

    The app will send users notifications about emergency situations right on time.

    Powerful data visualization

    Your app will offer easy-to-use data visualization options for live tracking and analytics features.

    Types of devices we can develop a smart home app for

    Home comfort, safety, energy control – we offer smart home app development services to home automation providers building any type of device. See some examples below:

    Application size
    Development time
    check iconDart
    check iconNative
    check iconSkia
    check iconHas most of the native components inbuilt
    check iconSmall
    check iconFast
    check iconVery fast

    Why MadAppGang

    We have a decade of experience building mobile applications and highly secure embedded systems for smart homes. We have a well-tuned Agile development process and a keen eye on what's the next big thing in technology.

    I am a technology enthusiast, committed to constant learning and simplifying complex tasks.

    Pavel Ogurtsov

    Backend Developer

    I’m a digital designer who is interested in: product design, mobile app design, design thinking and education. I try to be useful to mankind.

    Roman Shelekhov

    Art Director / Designer

    Brainless geek

    Denis Ivanov

    Full Stack Web Developer

    An English teacher who is happy to talk about anything in English. Dealing with problems in learning the language and managing conversations much better than Siri

    Anastasia Khamarshekh

    English Teacher

    We have the expertise

    Our team consists of carefully selected engineers with over ten years of experience and a passion for app development.

    We deliver results fast

    Thanks to adequate estimation and effective project management, we are able to deliver a complex app in several months.

    We encourage you to participate

    As a product owner, you decide on product priorities and review our progress on a weekly or even daily basis.

    We always stay relevant

    If a new development tool is out there – we are already testing it to learn if it is truly worth being adopted in our processes.

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    We build apps for all types of Apple and Android devices

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