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    Flutter App Development

    Build a mobile app for both iOS and Android using one codebase with Flutter, an SDK that contains everything you need to build cross-platform applications.

    “Flutter has a bright future”
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    Flutter vs React Native vs native app development

    Flutter is often compared to React Native, another cross-platform app development technology, and native tools such as Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Flutter performs better than React Native, and it gives developers more flexibility in UI design. Despite its merits, Flutter has the same limitations as any other cross-platform framework. If you need something more robust, true native app development is still the best choice.

    Application size
    Development time
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    check iconHas most of the native components inbuilt
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    Considering native app development?

    “We built Flutter from the ground up to be a beautiful, fast, productive, open-source toolkit for building tailored experiences, originally for mobile.”
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    Why develop a mobile app using Flutter?

    Flutter is the best available cross-platform technology for building cost-effective and high performing apps for iOS and Android.


    One codebase

    With Flutter, you can make both Android and iOS applications run off one codebase. This means you will spend about 60% less time on app development, release app updates to both platforms simultaneously, and cut your app development budget. You can hire one developer instead of two and bring your app to the market faster. Flutter allows you to reach the widest user base (and do it really quick), and it's the best choice for MVP development.


    High performance

    Most cross-platform app development frameworks suffer from bad performance and stability issues. Flutter is an SDK, not a framework, and it uses its own language called Dart. Dart compiles into native code without any additional bridge like the one React Native uses. This makes Flutter apps much faster than applications written in React Native. In some cases, Flutter apps can provide the same level of performance as native apps.

    look and feel

    Native look and feel

    Flutter comes with a rich set of built-in components, called widgets. While these widgets aren't native, they follow Material Design and Apple’s Cupertino looks and run naturally on both Android and iOS. We can easily customize ready-made widgets to your needs. Because Flutter is young, there are not yet as many libraries as native languages can offer. That's why certain kinds of apps require building native-like features from scratch which takes time.

    Make a mobile app in record time

    The New York Times, Groupon, Realtor.com, and Reflectly all have mobile apps built with Flutter.

      Why we love Flutter

      Our Flutter app development company likes to think of Flutter as a native version of React Native. Both technologies use reusable components and share common architecture principles. But Flutter apps work better. With all the new developments Google is rolling out, we believe Flutter has a bright future. Now it is expanding to even web, macOS, embedded devices, and more.

      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/56a3e4d2-93ee-4254-9668-50c6d74649f8_flutter_no_oem.svgNo OEM Reliance
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/520f5477-6165-45e5-ae2b-d45ff6183d11_flutter_widgets.svgReusable widgets
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/951bd387-1aff-468c-ad1c-c5bc530d7b3a_flutter_compilation.svgAOT compilation
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/07358966-e105-4f2e-9979-8cc349ae267b_flutter_dart_icon.svgDart Language
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/794ca362-c009-4fc4-9cb8-0877f248f056_flutter_hot_reloading.svgHot reloading
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      Other mobile app development technologies we use

      All of these technologies have proven efficient for building robust mobile applications.

      swift iconSwift
      java iconJava
      Xamarin iconXamarin
      kotlin iconKotlin
      Python iconPythone
      phonegap iconPhoneGap
      react native iconReact Native
      html iconHTML 5
      r programming iconR Programming

      Our Flutter app development services

      We specialize in building mobile apps both native and cross-platform.

      App development using Flutter

      Fast and cost-effective: develop an app using Flutter, the best cross-platform technology. Flutter is the best choice for MVP, ecommerce apps, audiobooks, news, video, and journaling applications.

      Native app development

      When Flutter isn't enough anymore, and you need a more robust tech stack, we can help you migrate to a native platform. iOS, Android, or both – we build high-performing, secure and scalable apps using Swift and Kotlin.

      What we also do

      We build mobile apps for all Android and Apple devices

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