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    iPhone App Development Services

    Create an app that will appeal to iPhone users. Trust iPhone app development to experienced professionals with a profound knowledge of mobile technologies and readiness to tackle challenging projects.

    Benefits of building an app for iPhone

    900 million people around the world own iPhones. The number of iPhone apps on Apple's App Store is over 2 million. Last year, the iPhone app developers made over $50 billion in revenue. What do you get with an iPhone app?


    900 million users

    900 million iPhone users worldwide and 500 million of other Apple devices


    10% revenue growth

    The overall app revenue increases by 10% each year


    Over 30 billion app downloads

    30 billion app downloads in 2018


    7% paying users

    7% of users make in-app payments at least every month


    18 months time-to-market

    The average time-to-market is 18 weeks


    $13 in-app purchase amount

    The average in-app purchase amount is $13

    Types of apps we can build for you

    Mobile app development serves different purposes – you can decide to solve a particular business problem or provide users with tools they wish existed. Our iPhone app development company has the experience of developing consumer-facing apps, apps for enterprise use, and apps for multi-device connectivity.

    Enterprise apps

    Enterprise apps

    Enterprise companies turn to us when they need to hire iPhone app developers to extend their teams. We built robust apps for various businesses, focusing on security, scalability, and performance – the features that are a must in any enterprise software solution.

    Consumer apps

    Consumer apps

    We've worked with both startups and established companies on providing consumers with convenient tools to manage their finances, make restaurant orders, or get fitness recommendations. Making an iPhone app helpful and engaging is always our top priority.

    IoT apps

    IoT apps

    Smart home supplies, surveillance cameras, medical sensors – these are a few examples of connected devices that can be managed via an iOS app. We have the experience of working with IoT and can handle seamless hardware and software interconnectivity.

    project image


    A personal running coach for improving heart health

    Constant HR monitoring

    Real-time GPS tracking

    HealthKit integration

    RealTime offline personalised AI feedback

    Big data training analyses and anomaly detection

    BLE device connection
    Kalman Filter
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    We implement all trendy iPhone app features

    Apps should be relevant the moment they are released and they should be easily updated over time to meet the changed needs of customers. We stay in the know of the latest technology and design trends: we try out new tools as soon as they emerge and adopt them if they prove to be effective.

    iconVoiced controls
    iconStorage encryption
    iconCustomizable UI
    iconOffline functionality
    iconImage recognition
    iconScalable databases
    iconRich animations
    iconFlexible search
    iconAI-powered assistance
    iconHigh-precision tracking
    iconDark mode
    iconUser analytics
    iconHeart sensor
    iconCustom social feed
    iconColour blind-friendliness
    iconThird-party services

    How to get an iPhone app developed

    We build trust-based partnerships and guarantee visible results after each cycle of native iPhone app development. To make the process move smoothly and without delays and misunderstandings, we involve you in our daily meetings and keep you updated on our progress.

    Requirements analysis

    At the initial stage, we ask you a lot of questions to get the precise estimation of the project’s timeline and required technologies.


    For startups that want to launch a prototype and then collect the investments for expansion, we can deliver an MPV at a record pace.

    Requirements analysis

    We make applications using an iterative approach which makes the development process transparent and flexible.


    We apply mobile testing from the very beginning, making sure that your app won’t suffer from endless post-release bug fixes.

    Ongoing support

    Your app will eventually need updates and fixes, and we provide support activities for improving your product after the launch.

    Our clients appreciate our responsiveness and adaptability

    In iPhone or Android app development, we always seek the most cost-effective and elegant solutions no matter how unusual your idea is, what features you want to implement, or how many custom integrations you need.

    Why MadAppGang

    Do you want your app to be pretty and functional so it could meet the most demanding expectations? To achieve that, you need an iPhone application development company that has it all: strong knowledge, relevant expertise, and passion. At MadAppGang we are dedicated to delivering applications the way you imagine them.

    The head is for thinking.

    Ivan Holiak

    Fullstack Developer

    I am a technology enthusiast, committed to constant learning and simplifying complex tasks.

    Pavel Ogurtsov

    Backend Developer

    Next in line for neuralink installation

    Nataliia Zavadska

    Project Manager

    On a mission to ensure the quality.

    Leonid Kornilov

    QA Engineer

    Launch an app to the market fast

    Thanks to proper planning with prioritization and a well-structured backlog, you will get your product to market fast.

    Get involved in our daily process

    As a product owner, you will always be up-to-date on our progress and able to test the working functionality after each two-week Sprint.

    Experience no production delays

    Our ten-year experience and effective team environment helps us make proper estimations and deliver on time.

    Work with experienced developers

    We’ve built solutions for various industries trying out different technologies and we're always excited to work on new challenges.

    We develop apps for all Apple's devices

    Don’t limit your app to iPhone – there’s a wealth of Apple devices that talk to each other. We handle application development for all Apple’s screens with regard to their characteristics: desktops, TV, car displays, or smartwatches.

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