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    "Kotlin will replace Java in Android app development"
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    Kotlin vs Java for Android application development

    Java is relatively old and even with modern updates still tends to be more classic then it comes to programming language features. Its verbose, serious applications written in Java tend to be error-prone, and slow to modernize. Unlike Java, Kotlin is modern, concise, more readable, and less susceptible to bugs. From a business perspective, an app built with Kotlin gets to the market faster, more stable even with the same quality of coding, and Google is now officially supporting Kotlin on Android as a “first-class” language.

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    "Preferred language for Android app developers"
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    Why choose Kotlin for Android app development

    Fast development time, fewer errors in production, and interoperability with Java make Kotlin a go-to language for building Android mobile apps.v

    Kotlin comparison

    Reduced project timelines

    When JetBrains invented Kotlin they wanted to create a language better than Java in every possible way. Java is verbose and requires many lines of code to implement even the simplest thing like "hello world." Kotlin is a concise language. It’s around 20% much lesser coding in comparison to Java. Kotlin reduces a lot of the boilerplate code that developers must write every day. Less code leads to better productivity, faster app development, and fewer developer hours you need to pay for.

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    Fewer app crashes

    Writing longer code can always result in more errors and bugs. And crashes always result in users ditching the app for good. Bugs are normal in programming. They can be fixed if caught early. With Kotlin, however, any developer has a chance to write a crash-prone Android app. And not only because Kotlin has better syntax. The JetBrains team solved the Null Pointer Exception problem, the biggest pain of Java developers. It caused more than 70% of app crashes in its lifetime.

    Kotlin interoperable

    100% interoperable with Java

    Because Kotlin can run on JVM, its byte code is equivalent to the byte code generated by Java compiler. Whenever two-byte code files run on JVM, they can communicate with each other. This makes Kotlin 100% interoperable with Java. We can use all existing Java libraries and frameworks to build a Kotlin app. And most importantly, we can use both the Java and Kotlin languages in a single project. If you have an Android app written in Java, we can start adding new features to it using Kotlin.

    Take your Android app a step ahead

    Pinterest, Coursera, Trello, Basecamp, and Uber have all moved their apps to Kotlin

      Why we love Kotlin

      We love Kotlin because it was created with an idea to solve practical real-world developer problems and it actually did it. The only disadvantage of Kotlin compared to Java is that it complies slower. But with Gradle incremental compilation now enabled by default, we can build code that makes a Kotlin app work even faster than the one built with Java.

      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/56a3e4d2-93ee-4254-9668-50c6d74649f8_flutter_no_oem.svgFully OOP
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/520f5477-6165-45e5-ae2b-d45ff6183d11_flutter_widgets.svgSmart Casts
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/951bd387-1aff-468c-ad1c-c5bc530d7b3a_flutter_compilation.svgLambda Expression
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/07358966-e105-4f2e-9979-8cc349ae267b_flutter_dart_icon.svgFunctional reactive programming
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/b4ed5441-8640-4e72-8540-222492d0ddee_kotlin_payment.svgNull Safety
      https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/testmadappgang/ce5f1203-bc06-4eed-8147-b9e74e81bc83_flutter_smart_home.svgInvariant Array

      Other Android app development technologies we use

      All of these technologies have proven efficient for building robust Android applications.

      HTML, CSS, Java scriptHTML, CSS, Java script
      React NativeReact Native
      С++ шсщтC++
      python iconPython
      C# iconC#

      Our Kotlin app development services

      As Android app developers with years of experience in the field, we also know Java and can help you build an app from scratch as well as port your exciting application to Kotlin.

      Kotlin app development

      Secure, fast, scalable, intuitive – create a perfect Android app using native app development technologies. By doing it right in the first go we save a lot of money and time in the long run.

      Native app development

      You can have both languages within the same project. When we migrate your Java app to Kotlin, we do it iteratively so your application remains stable throughout the migration process.

      What we also do

      We build mobile apps for all Android and Apple devices

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