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    iOS App Development Services

    Build a fantastic iOS app on time, within budget and with a team of certified developers born to make apps that run without crashes and delight their users.


    We build apps for all Apple's devices

    iOS app development today is more than simply building an app for the iPhone or iPad. Apple offers a whole ecosystem for its users with a bunch of devices from Mac computers to Apple watches to Apple TVs to Car Play and homes. If you want to get a market for your invention, you need to offer your customers a seamless experience everywhere. The good news is, we got it all covered.

    Native iOS app development

    Native iOS app development

    One of the strongest advantages of native iOS app development is that an app built using Swift performs better than an app built using cross-platform app development frameworks. If you have a performance-critical app, an app that requires access to platform-specific features like an accelerometer, or an app with sophisticated animations, we will build it using native tools.

    iOS app developed with Flutter

    iOS app developed with Flutter

    With Flutter, you can develop an app for iOS, Android and web using one codebase and one developer. Flutter won't blow your budget and will allow you to test your idea across mobile and web platforms simultaneously. But it doesn't work well for all types of projects: we use Flutter to build simple apps that don't require third-party integrations and platform-specific functionality.

    iOS app prototypes

    iOS app prototypes

    Are you an early-stage startup looking to find investors with an impressive pitch deck? A deck is great, but an actual working prototype is better. If your idea sounds amazing, we will be happy to help you shape it into a prototype. As a result, your beta testers and your potential investors could get a real feel for what it would be like to use the app you're trying to create.

    Third-party service or hardware integration

    Third-party service or hardware integration

    If you only knew how many entrepreneurs turn to us because of integration complexities. When integration requirements go beyond simple data access, you need an experienced team to keep costs and technical challenges under control. We bring ERP, CRM, POS, and other applications and hardware under a single interface and manage this mix with rare excellence.

    With our iOS app development expertise, you can put your business on steroids

    Imagine a messaging app that could compete with Signal in security, a restaurant ordering app that integrates with all types of POS used in Australia or a fitness app that adjusts user training plans using artificial intelligence. If you can dream it, we can make it.

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    iconSentiment Recognition
    iconWork offline
    iconLive Streaming
    iconPayment Systems Integration
    iconDigital Wallet
    iconAI Solutions
    iconIntegration With Hardware
    iconMachine Learning
    iconFitness Activity Tracking
    iconNudity Detection
    iconGeo Clustering
    iconReal-time Tracking
    iconBluetooth Sensors
    iconMenu Mapping
    iconPhoto & Video Editing
    iconVoice Search

    We've built the most sought-after iOS apps

    Our iOS app development company has a decade of experience serving customers from all parts of the globe and all sorts of industries. The listed below are the most sought after apps that we were lucky to build over the recent years.



    Healthcare and Medtech are our passion. We’ve built HIPAA compliant software solutions for health service providers and digital health startups. One of our projects is an app that helps patients manage their medical prescriptions and remind to purchase medications on time.

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    Mobile applications that help people manage, borrow and invest their money is where we can apply our strong security expertise. We worked with WebMoney, one of the largest global payment systems to create a digital wallet with bank-level security and custom user interface.

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    Sport & Fitness

    Sport & Fitness

    Workout, weight loss, fitness tracking – we have large expertise in the health and fitness app category. Our most recent project is a running app that features precise heart rate tracking, integrates with Apple Watch, and offers personalized AI-powered training programs.

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    Logistics & Transportation

    Logistics & Transportation

    Mobile technology changed transportation. From taxi apps that connect drivers with passengers to shipping apps that connect truckers with shippers and navigation apps that help truck drivers navigate the road – we can help you realize opportunities in this industry.

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    Food & Restaurants

    Food & Restaurants

    Our experience with Tayble, an order processing app for Australian restaurants, usually says it all to those who want to build a restaurant app. We can help you transform the way people choose a meal, make an order, pay for it, and get food delivered to their doorsteps.

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    What technologies are in our iOS app development toolbox?

    Below are the tools and technologies we use every day in our iOS app development process.




    Core Media
    Core ML
    Core Data


    End-to-end encryption
    File data protection
    Jail Break Detection
    Certificate Pinning

    Dynamic and Agile mobile app developers

    Building an iOS app just like building any kind of software is a bumpy road that is always changing as you start walking it. We know that. That's why we use Agile to focus on short timescales, quick deliverables, and constant pace. No matter what.

    Next in line for neuralink installation

    Nataliia Zavadska

    Project Manager

    Shaping the happiest future now!

    Alexander Firsov

    Backend Engineer

    Coding the future is a developer’s love for technology and progress.

    Anna Lakhmaniuk

    Fullstack Developer

    My journey as a software engineer is defined by a commitment to continuous learning, a knack for tackling the toughest technical challenges, and an unwavering enthusiasm for creating software that makes a real difference.

    Stijn Bijnen

    Backend developer

    We finish the work on time without delays

    We make accurate time and cost estimates with exact preditions on when our work will be completed. So far we have never run out of time and scope.

    You get a faster time to market

    Tuned up processes, strict adherance to Agile methodology, and our client's full involvement in the process allow us to speed up the app's time to market.

    Engineers with 10 years of experience

    Our iOS app developers have been building mobile apps for the past 10 years, carry AWS certifications, and have passed a tough screening on TopTal.

    Your remote team for many years

    The average time of our collaboration with clients is 3 years. But some of them stay with us for 8 years. This is something you don't normally see in outsourcing.

    Transparent team communication is in our culture

    Different time zones, lack of control, cultural gaps – communication issues is a major problem when working with remote teams. By connecting you with our developers directly, keeping project-related documentation up-to-date and involving you in our daily process, we solve the communication issues building a healthy collaborative environment.

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