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    Apple TV App Development

    Make a convenient app for the latest generation of Apple TV. Having worked with broadcasting companies, we at MadAppGang know how to deliver media to different screens powered by tvOS.

    Why build an app for Apple TV?

    Apple TV caters to the many needs of users from entertainment to food ordering to meditation. Now is a great chance to get settled in the market of TV applications that grows by leaps and bounds.


    Over 50 million active users

    53 million people use Apple TV worldwide. Every fifth American chooses tvOS for smart TV.


    tvOS in other major TVs

    Apple provides set-top boxes for other TV makers to embed Apple software.


    More than entertainment

    People can control their smart homes, search for information, or mirror other Apple screens.

    Apple TV app development company – what we offer

    Smart TV’s surging popularity pushes more people to enjoy various activities on the large screen and opens a whole list of opportunities for mobile entrepreneurs.

    Develop a custom Apple TV app

    Develop a custom Apple TV app

    A new streaming network, educational program, or fitness service – we build Apple TV apps for any purpose, with multiple layout options and integrations of any complexity.

    Bring your iOS app to a TV screen

    Bring your iOS app to a TV screen

    Make your application TV-compatible, giving users the most immersive way to experience it. Our Apple TV 4K developers can customize any existing app to all Apple TV screens using the tvOS SDK.

    Types of apps we can build for Apple TV

    The market of Apple TV apps is relatively vacant and offers many niches where you can complete with fresh solutions. At MadAppGang, we develop applications of various categories:

    Video Streaming

    On-demand television is the major source of the Apple TV apps’ usage and revenue – join the trend with a streaming program.


    Extend fitness videos with different types of workouts to a large Apple TV screen, bringing the gym right to the homes of users.


    Guided sessions of medication can also be presented on TV – create an immersive app with a calm, serene atmosphere.


    Educational games for kids and video courses, popular with smart TV owners, are a prospective niche of app development.

    Food Delivery

    Restaurant ordering programs are conquering the Apple TV app market – grab the benefits with a new food delivery service.


    Browsing stuff on Apple TV is the last word of digital shopping – make an app for customers to find and purchase products.

    What makes a great Apple TV app

    Unlock the potential of Apple TV to the fullest – we implement the latest features that are crucial for accessibility and convenience.

    Siri support

    Use Siri for voiced controls and smart recommendations.

    Multiple users

    Provide different access levels with multiuser support.

    iPhone as a remote

    Use an iPhone connection for typing and screen mirroring.


    IIntegrate various gadgets for smart home control.

    Picture-in-picture viewing

    Allow users to play a video while browsing the app.

    Light and dark themes

    Allow users to adjust the screen’s brightness

    Our clients

    We are a truly Agile company that organizes the development process based on your needs and priorities. Our clients appreciate being engaged in direct communication and seeing results after every development cycle.

    Why hire iOS developer for Apple TV at MadAppGang

    A Netflix-like streaming service is one of our ongoing projects we’ve been working on for eight years so far. It is accessible on a number of screens, including Apple TV. We also develop TV applications beyond media broadcasting – reach out to us with your idea and we’ll shape it to Apple TV

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    We have the expertise

    Our team consists of carefully selected engineers with over ten years of experience and passion for app development.

    We deliver results fast

    Thanks to adequate estimation and effective project management, we are able to deliver a complex app in several months.

    We encourage you to participate

    As a product owner, you decide on product priorities and review our progress on a weekly or even daily basis.

    We always stay relevant

    If a new development tool is out there – we are already testing it to learn if it is truly worth being adopted in our processes.

    We develop apps for all Apple's devices

    Apple TV users most likely have other Apple devices – allow your TV app to send notifications to Apple Watch and mirror the iPhone screen or expand your application fully to any iOS platform.

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