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    Develop a web app, visually appealing and performant. At MadAppGang we help companies develop products for the web.

    We adapt to your business needs

    Most software development companies will tell you that 
your app needs a high-performance scalable backend,
 robust multi-tenant architecture, and bank-grade security.
 But the truth is, your product might not need that. We adapt our approach to your product, budget, and agreed deadline.
 In other words, we don't write code that solves problems
you don't have.

    Overengineering: what it is and how we avoid it →

    Build a product ready for scale and launch it 
to the market fast.


    Improve your workflow by automating 
business processes.

    Build your web app
    with code or without it

    Depending on what problem you want to solve and your business
    requirements, we can offer you two types of web app implementation: using

    a traditional software development approach with front- and backend
    development and using low-code and no-code platforms.

    Our works

    Check out our case studies
to learn more about our experience.



    Large-scale digital transformation
for the energy sector

    4X accelerated system installations

    Automation of business processes

    Improved visibility into business processes

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    Work with people

    who know their stuff

    We've been more than 10 years in software development
building solutions for global corporations, emerging startups, 

    and local businesses. We have the brightest engineers
on the team and well-tuned work processes.

    https://testmadappgang.cdn.prismic.io/testmadappgang/a2f0416f-3219-4d1b-877b-b7d723fe2efd_technology_10_years.svg10 years
 of experience
    https://testmadappgang.cdn.prismic.io/testmadappgang/470f273e-5378-4951-8ce1-99d8ca6cad39_technology_agile_work.svgAgile work process
    https://testmadappgang.cdn.prismic.io/testmadappgang/cde0bb25-174a-4ad8-93a9-1b57f43e4d56_technology_timely_delivery.svgTimely delivery
    https://testmadappgang.cdn.prismic.io/testmadappgang/58afcad5-2a0e-4199-892f-27762fa4368a_technology_trusting.svg Trusting environment

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