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Slaying the White Screen Dragon: How to Defeat Procrastination

Ann Velikaya, Copywriter at MadAppGang
Ann Velikaya

Picture this: it's a fine morning, birds are chirping, and you're all set to tackle that shiny new task on your to-do list. You fire up your computer, open your integrated development environment (IDE), and there it is: the digital equivalent of the abyss – a blank code editor, a vacant document, a vast expanse of nothingness. 

You're facing the Blank Screen Problem, and let's be honest, it's a monster we've all met, avoided, and tried to evade. 

But fear not, the resourceful MadAppGang team has a few tricks to help you conquer those tasks.

Baby steps for the win

Drawn Isaac Newton saying "Objects in motion tend to stay in motion!"

Staring down the barrel of this blank, soul-sucking void, you wonder where to begin. 

Well, throw perfection out the window and aim for the smallest step possible. It's like dealing with a sink piled high with dishes – simply turn on the tap! Forget hot or cold water, just let it flow. 

Similarly, for coding, write a few lines, and just let the ball roll. Newton said it best: objects in motion tend to stay in motion. 

Your new mantra: get started.

Embrace the word vomit

Meme with Kermit the Frog drinking tea

We all want to craft Shakespearean masterpieces on our first attempt, but let’s be real, that’s unlikely to happen. Striving for perfection from the get-go is like trying to build a sandcastle without any sand. Instead, let the words flow, no matter how messy or muddled they are. It's word vomit, and it's beautiful. 

Spelling mistakes? Grammar faux pas? Who cares. Remember, there are no bad ideas – only ideas in progress. Embrace the chaos and let your ideas splatter across the screen.

Zoom out, captain!

Meme with a mad man with a wall covered by papers behind him

Just like you wouldn't stand nose-to-nose with a pixel in your app, don't let yourself get lost in sentence limbo. Cast your eyes beyond the minutiae and create a roadmap of the points you want to hit – a few words for each section, like breadcrumbs leading to the glorious treasure that is your finished task. 

This outline is your guiding light, your treasure map, and it takes you from start to glory. And, spoiler alert: often, those outline notes become your subheadings. Genius, right?

The rubber duck method

Yellow rubber duck

Imagine this: you're in your Batcave, grappling with the Blank Screen Problem. Who are you gonna call? No, not Ghostbusters. A rubber duck! 

No, not a literal one. Explain your conundrum to a colleague, a friend, or even an imaginary duck buddy. Speak it out loud, every thought, every hiccup, every eureka. 

Explaining things often unlocks and detangles the ideas in your head. You're like a detective piecing together a puzzle, and the puzzle is your content!

Take that leap, buddy

Squirrel raising its paws to the sky as if in prayer

Look, I get it – the blank screen is scarier than a room full of spiders, but don't let it steal your thunder.

Take that leap of faith. Tackle it with the tenacity of a caffeinated squirrel. Even if it's just a sentence, a phrase, or a code snippet that barely makes sense, it's a start. And guess what? You're already winning.

So there you have it, brave code warriors and task tamers. The Blank Screen Problem is no match for your newfound arsenal of creativity igniters. Start small, unleash the word vomit, zoom out for the big picture, have a chat with your imaginary rubber duck, and above all, take that first, tiny, monumental step. 

The blank page won't know what hit it. Now go forth and conquer!