Our core tech stack includes Swift, Kotlin, Golang and ReactJS — something that was invented less than a decade ago.


A new, community-driven, safe, fast, fun to use, and easy to read/write replacement for Objective-C.


A better way to develop apps for Android: modern, concise, safe, interoperable, tool-friendly, and open source.

React Native

The fastest way to implement native app prototypes using native tools and a cross-platform engine.


A must-have language to integrate and support legacy code for iOS and Mac applications.


A must-have language to integrate and support legacy code for Android applications.


The only way to write real web apps. We use Babel, a JS compiler that works with the latest versions of JavaScript (ES2015 and beyond).


The best way to build simple, reliable, efficient, and secure backend with concurrency support in its DNA.


The best web framework for building complex web applications using Golang.


Real web apps can only be created with ReactJS. Don’t believe us — ask Facebook.


The only way to dive in the most complicated systems. C/C++ are especially useful for IoT solutions.


The best toolkit to create microservices in the Go programming language.


The most scalable database with fast integration and a rich feature set.

We give back

Open source moves our entire industry forward. In a very real way, the open source community has changed the world. The idea of being a part of that make us giddy.

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