Our approach describes how we work. We build trust-based partnerships with the majority of our clients.


The first phase in our collaboration with clients is an interview where we ask lots of questions about your product. What is your app’s main value? What are your business objectives? What are your competitors? Any third-party solution or an API that you`d like to integrate with? We need to have a clear picture of what you have in mind to be able to help you the best we can. As a result of this stage we will provide you with a bare scope and cost estimations.


Project development carries a lot of risks unless it is planned properly. Сreating a development strategy includes drawing a mind map, writing use cases, designing user flow, and working on wireframes together with your design team. We will also analyse all possible obstacles and blockers that might come up along the way, define the technology stacks, and outline the service scope needed to implement your vision. At the end of this stage we will provide you with a precise scope and cost estimations.


We use Agile methodology and organise the development process in two ways: Scrum or Kanban. Kanban is the best way to deal with R&D projects or the projects that require maximum flexibility. The main idea of Kanban is incremental improvements. Scrum works best for projects with a scope and a release plan. It makes our app development process transparent, predictable, and flexible. We apply continuous delivery approach with daily meetings and scheduled releases or demos at the end of each iteration.


We will help you submit your product to the store and will make sure it passes the review. After your product launches, we can help you maintain and support it. Our support activities include 24/7 critical bug fixing, stability monitoring, crash analytics, consultations, support for your internal engineering team, and protection from new security vulnerabilities. We will also help you improve your product by running A/B tests and planning new releases.

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