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24 February 2021 • Maryna Pasko

How To Build a Rideshare App: Trends, Features, and Cost Estimations

Ridesharing is a massive social and business trend that became popular over the past decade in line with the rapid growth of smartphone users. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide share everyday rides for numerous reasons, not least because ridesharing saves money. It’s also positive from an environmental perspective and it provides users with an opportunity to make extra cash on the side, a factor that neatly captures the gig-economy zeitgeist. If you’re wondering how to build a well-performing rideshare app and get in on the action, this article is for you. Here we cover all the critical questions, from an Uber-like app’s must-have features to the potential development costs.

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17 February 2021 • Maryna Pasko

Flutter App Development: When to Choose Flutter and its Costs

When businesses think about app development, cross-platform solutions generally come to mind first. The ability to run on multiple platforms saves time and cuts expenses significantly, which is crucial for startups and small enterprises. Cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, and Flutter are widely recognised and used by millions of developers worldwide, but the latter is worth special attention.  The growing influence of Flutter cannot be ignored; this relatively new technology skyrocketed almost immediately after its release and its potential is still being discovered. According to Statista, Flutter usage increased by nine per cent in 2020, which is quite impressive especially considering its rivals faced a drop in popularity compared to the previous year. 

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15 February 2021 • Marianna Glynska

Fuel Delivery App Development: Prerequisites, Features, Cost

The article talks about how to start fuel delivery business, prerequisites for this business, how to build fuel delivery app, basic features the app should contain and how to estimate the approximate cost of building such an app.

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28 December 2020 • Maryna Pasko

What Is the Cost of Developing a Travel App?

It seems like there are mobile apps for everything now, and travel services are no exception. People rely on mobile travel apps to reserve tours, book flights, and accommodation, etc. The statistics are quite impressive, for example, 71 per cent of smartphone owners use their phones for travel and do so at least once a week. Building a travel app is a smart solution for tourism service providers, as most travellers prefer apps over mobile sites due to extended functionalities and the possibility of offline access.

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11 December 2020 • Maryna Pasko

Developing a Dating App: How Much Does It Cost?

The past decade has seen online dating services grow exponentially in terms of both popularity and as an industry. In 2019, Tinder was the leading dating app in the United States, with over 7.86 million users. It's hard to underestimate the importance of online dating, which, particularly in light of this year’s events, became vital for many people. Experts predict the ongoing growth of online dating, so it's safe to say the trend is here to stay. If you're reading this, you're probably aware that dating apps can be highly profitable investments — when executed well. In this article, we look at how to develop your own Tinderific service and examine how much it costs to develop a dating app.

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