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16 March 2021 • Maryna Pasko

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Video Editing App

are user-friendly, entertaining, and uncomplicated. To that end, here we explore the video editing app market, learn how to hire the best developers for building these applications, and provide a rough estimation of such a project’s costs. ...

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11 March 2021 • Marianna Glynska

On-Demand Laundry App Development: Must-Have Features and Development Tips

Read about developing an on-demand laundry app — a smashing hit these days. Find out the must-have features and gain insights that will help you make a robust, profitable solution.

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09 March 2021 • Maryna Pasko

Social Media App Development: The Steps to Creating a Successful Social Media Application

ative social apps and private messengers.  For further insight, our team researched the social media application market and gathered all the essential information. In this guide, we cover what you need to know about creating a social media app including your app’s must-have features, monetization strategies, and development costs. ...

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24 February 2021 • Maryna Pasko

How To Build a Rideshare App: Trends, Features, and Cost Estimations

ty to make extra cash on the side, a factor that neatly captures the gig-economy zeitgeist. If you’re wondering how to build a well-performing rideshare app and get in on the action, this article is for you. Here we cover all the critical questions, from an Uber-like app’s must-have features to the potential development costs....

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15 February 2021 • Marianna Glynska

Fuel Delivery App Development: Prerequisites, Features, Cost

The article talks about how to start fuel delivery business, prerequisites for this business, how to build fuel delivery app, basic features the app should contain and how to estimate the approximate cost of building such an app.

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