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22 February 2019 • Lena Zhyvkova

The Size of the Mobile Application Development Market in Australia and Beyond

Many Australians enjoy getting in some quality time in the great outdoors. Just as many enjoy chatting with mates, hanging out, and watching TV. Reflecting these hobbies and lifestyles are the apps that Australians use. It’s little wonder then that the most popular apps here are WikiCamps Australia, Tinder, and Netflix. The natural landscape in Australia is a mecca for daring adventurers and the…

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09 January 2019 • Jack Rudenko

How to Build an App in 6 Weeks and Speed Up Your Time-To-Market

In case you didn't know, it usually takes about 4-6 months to build a mobile app (roughly). And this is only the first version of it. Six months to build an app is pretty long and expensive which is especially painful for product owners who are trying to achieve product/market fit. Over 10 years in the business of app development we've accomplished many applications. Some of them took less than…

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15 December 2018 • Jack Rudenko

The revolutionary cross-platform mobile development framework: is it Flutter 1.0?

Google has announced the initial stable release of Flutter 1.0, one of the best cross-platform mobile development frameworks. Flutter allows you to build native apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. Flutter looks very promising. It allows you to create cross-platform applications providing the following three main features according to the Flutter website. 1. Fast development Flutter…

Flutter • Flutter vs React Native • React Native • Cross platform • mobile apps • google Flutter • Flutter vs Native

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15 December 2018 • Jack Rudenko

What's the scope of mobile application development in 2019?

Every savvy entrepreneur today knows that their business needs to be mobile-friendly. The pressure to build a mobile app today is greater than the pressure building a website at the beginning of the 2000s. But when did the mobile gold rush begin? When did entrepreneurs realize that they can use smartphones to make their brands an integral part of their customer's life? When did the scope for…

Flutter • Flutter vs React Native • React Native • Cross platform • mobile apps • google Flutter • Flutter vs Native

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10 October 2018 • Jack Rudenko

Want to Build an App? Here Is a Mobile App Development Process with Steps to Follow

If you're reading this, we assume you've never tried building a mobile application. If this is true, we must say that this is something a successful entrepreneur has to do at some point. Building a product is a bumpy road. And not everyone who tried developing a mobile application has gotten through it successfully. They've hit some rocks, got some cuts, and learned. And hopefully, they've…

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