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16 March 2021 • Maryna Pasko

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Video Editing App

In recent years,  video making has become a leading content-creation activity, as evidenced by the rise of platforms such as TikTok, and earlier, YouTube. Internet users generate huge amounts of video-based content and immediately share it with friends and followers via various social media channels. Accordingly, there is a need for video editing apps that are user-friendly, entertaining, and uncomplicated. To that end, here we explore the video editing app market, learn how to hire the best developers for building these applications, and provide a rough estimation of such a project’s costs. 

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11 March 2021 • Marianna Glynska

On-Demand Laundry App Development: Must-Have Features and Development Tips

Read about developing an on-demand laundry app — a smashing hit these days. Find out the must-have features and gain insights that will help you make a robust, profitable solution.

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09 March 2021 • Maryna Pasko

Social Media App Development: The Steps to Creating a Successful Social Media Application

Is it worth creating another social media application? With industry giants such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok making huge profits from their billion-strong audiences worldwide, it seems like there’s little chance to compete. Well, that might be a misconception as the latest trends reveal a noticeable shift from the most popular platforms towards alternative social apps and private messengers.  For further insight, our team researched the social media application market and gathered all the essential information. In this guide, we cover what you need to know about creating a social media app including your app’s must-have features, monetization strategies, and development costs. 

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03 March 2021 • Maryna Pasko

Writing a Comprehensive App Requirements Documentation: Guidelines and Useful Tips

If you’ve decided to build a mobile app, you probably have an innovative idea and a vision of how the application will function. Now you need to describe every aspect of your desired app to developers so they understand exactly what to build. To ensure your requirements are met, you’ll need to create a mobile app development requirements document. This task can seem a bit challenging, especially if you've never done it before. To help you outline your app idea clearly, here we cover the essentials of a comprehensive app requirements document. 

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24 February 2021 • Maryna Pasko

How To Build a Rideshare App: Trends, Features, and Cost Estimations

Ridesharing is a massive social and business trend that became popular over the past decade in line with the rapid growth of smartphone users. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide share everyday rides for numerous reasons, not least because ridesharing saves money. It’s also positive from an environmental perspective and it provides users with an opportunity to make extra cash on the side, a factor that neatly captures the gig-economy zeitgeist. If you’re wondering how to build a well-performing rideshare app and get in on the action, this article is for you. Here we cover all the critical questions, from an Uber-like app’s must-have features to the potential development costs.

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