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Two developers working on a start-up

22 Feb 2024 • Ann Velikaya

10 Innovative Startup Ideas from Reddit in 2024
White dragon against the backdrop of dark mountains

22 Dec 2023 • Ann Velikaya

Slaying the White Screen Dragon: How to Defeat Procrastination
Five people are working on software structure

04 Dec 2023 • Anton Kalinin

How to stop finding time for refactoring
Three people in front of the dashboard create estimation strategies

04 Dec 2023 • Anton Kalinin

Demystifying Story Points: A Fresh Perspective on Project Estimation
Two people are engaging in product development

27 Nov 2023 • Anton Kalinin

Product development: Less is more, and 'no' is the new ‘yes’
Ten logos of worldwide known companies

24 Nov 2023 • Ann Velikaya

Crafting Winning Pricing Strategies in the Tech World
Scheme of CI/CD cycle

23 Nov 2023 • Jack Rudenko

Navigating modern CI/CD: Strategies and platforms for efficient development and deployment
Young developer is sitting at the table in front of a laptop.

23 Nov 2023 • Ann Velikaya

How Personal Projects Can Turn IT Geeks into IT Chic
Laptop with virtual screens around it.

08 Nov 2023 • Jack Rudenko

How to improve Docker build from minutes to seconds for Golang apps

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