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02 July 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

Logistics Problems and Solutions: How Mobile Apps Serve the Transportation Industry

The logistics industry has been through many automation phases already. A lot of companies replaced manual labour with technology and updated their services. But given the complexity of the processes involved, logistics still suffers from the issues that arise from a lack of automation and, unfortunately, chaotic management. We touched upon logistics problems and solutions before when we described…

mobile apps for logistics companies • logistics management apps

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28 May 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

Mapbox vs Google Maps: Choosing a Map for Your App

Many of the numerous services available via apps require location data. If you want to include a map in your app, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and make it from scratch. Instead, choose the best pre-existing mapping tool for your project. Let’s say, for example, that you’re making a system for people who are looking for ways to buy medication. First, you will need a map which shows all the…

alternatives to Google Maps • navigation API

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24 May 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

How to Make a GPS Navigation App That Stands Out

The days of pulling out a trusty road map from the glove box are far behind us, and with good riddance! These days it seems somewhat kooky to go exploring or building a trip route without the assistance of a mobile navigation app. But these apps are not just a map – instead, GPS applications enable so many actions that it’s hard to imagine how we ever lived without them. The beauty of it is that a…

navigation app development • turn-by-turn navigation apps

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20 May 2019 • Ekaterina Kelembet

Mobile Application Security Testing: Major Threats and the Tools Needed to Overcome Them

Billions of people share their personal information with mobile apps, making apps a prime target for hackers. Attacks on poorly protected applications can result in the leakage of personal data, including financial details. Fraudulent transactions, malware injections, and other manipulative actions are terrifyingly common. In fact, more than three million malicious apps were identified in 201…

mobile app security testing

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14 May 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

How to Develop a Truck Logistics App

Empty mileage causes significant damage to the freight industry. It adds unstableness to the trucker’s job, increases accident risk on the road, and represents a serious threat to the environment. American trucks drive 50 billion empty miles a year, which is more than a quarter of their total mileage. Similar numbers can be applied to Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world. Such…

logistics app development • logistics management mobile solutions

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