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Young developer is sitting at the table in front of a laptop.

23 Nov 2023 • Ann Velikaya

How Personal Projects Can Turn IT Geeks into IT Chic
Laptop with virtual screens around it.

08 Nov 2023 • Jack Rudenko

How to improve Docker build from minutes to seconds for Golang apps
preview blog image

16 Oct 2023 • Jack Rudenko

From Telemedicine to AI: 5 Major HealthTech Investment Trends in 2023
Mechanical arm and risk level controller

05 Oct 2023 • Anton Kalinin

Validation: Because Even Innovators Need a Reality Check
preview blog image

14 Aug 2023 • Roman Shelekhov

6 Basic Rules of Designing Interfaces Your Users Will Love
A rocket taking off from the launch platform in clouds of multi-colored smoke

01 Aug 2023 • Ivan Holiak

Astro: The Rocket Fuel for Static Website Awesomeness
Part of a keyboard with images of flags of different countries on the keys and the word Translate on the Enter key

28 Jul 2023 • Ann Velikaya

Google Translate vs. ChatGPT: Which System Translates Ukrainian Better?
Scary robot

24 Jan 2023 • Jack Rudenko

The Dark Side of AI: How Generating Code Could Be Dangerous for Your Business
Drawn picture of Golang developers' cards with ratings

08 Jul 2022 • Alina Dolbenska

Golang Outsourcing: How It Works

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