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03 November 2021 • Anastasia Osypenko

How to Develop a Telehealth App

A concise telehealth app development guide. Learn how to develop a telemedicine app from scratch: a market overview, core features, trends, and more.

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29 October 2021 • Yuliia Podorozhko

The Golang vs Python Debate: Which One Can You Rely On?

Go or Python, which language fits your project best? Learn the main differences between Golang and Python here and make the right choice.

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27 October 2021 • Maryna Pasko

Guidelines for a Comprehensive App Requirements Documentation

can seem a bit challenging, especially if you've never done it before. To help you outline your app idea clearly, here we cover the essentials of a comprehensive app requirements document.  ...

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22 October 2021 • Yuliia Podorozhko

How to Start a Crowdfunding Platform and Become a Fintech Unicorn

How to start the next big crowdfunding unicorn in 2021. Here we discuss promising ideas, features, and whether a custom crowdfunding app is a good idea.

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13 October 2021 • Yuliia Podorozhko

How to Build a Mobile Banking App: A Step by Step Guide

Need to know how to develop a competitive mobile banking app? Here, we explain the mobile banking app development process step by step.

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