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02 December 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

The Pros and Cons of White-Label Fitness Apps

The fitness industry is being completely reshaped by mobile solutions. In previous posts we’ve explained why every gym needs an app, how mHealth solutions can increase hospital efficiency, and how profitable and popular various diet apps are. In modern mobile-centred fitness, companies need an application to compete and stay current. To enhance your business with an app, you have a choice to make…

white-label app development • custom fitness app development

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21 November 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

Mental Health App Development: How to Build an App Backed by Science

A recent study identified 1,435 mental health apps. The number of people looking to improve self-care and manage any mental health issues with the help of mobile apps is growing all over the world. Despite the abundance of solutions, most lack scientific credibility. In this post, we highlight the most important aspects of mental health app development, look at the best-performing programs, and…

mental health app development

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23 October 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

The Australian and US Health and Fitness App Market in 2019: Insights & Analysis

Which fitness app subcategories are the most popular among customers? What features are going to dominate the market in the future? How much do people spend on mobile apps while achieving their fitness goals? Curious about the state of the health and fitness app market? So were we, so we compiled this comprehensive report which answers the above questions and more. If you’re thinking of building…

health and fitness app markets

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12 September 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

Diet App Development: How to Build a Weight Loss App

Millions of people go on diets and set weight-loss resolutions every year. For many, it has even become a mundane part of their lives: 45 million Americans are struggling to achieve their goal weight and diet on a regular basis. The same concerns are apparent in many other countries: 13 per cent of Australians aged 15 and over reported being on a diet while 38 per cent of adults in the UK admitted…

nutrition app development • mobile apps for weight loss

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10 September 2019 • Anastasia Osypenko

How to Build a Mobile Fitness App for Gym Workouts

In previous posts, we’ve reviewed the most popular fitness applications. These serve an array of purposes from tracking exercise plans to practising mindfulness. A distinctive part of fitness apps is providing workouts that are designed for both home and gym. So far we’ve examined fitness apps for use at home. With that in mind, in this article we’ll discover which fitness mobile apps people use…

custom workout apps • gym workout apps

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